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Executives who are responsible for healthcare staffing are in a tough spot. Sometimes they need to fill more positions than there are qualified applicants. Finding the right person for the job can feel like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Traditionally, the healthcare hiring process starts with placing advertisements in local or global print and online publications and waiting to see what applications come in. Human resource employees or C-suite hospital executives then spend their valuable time sifting through paperwork to determine who has the right certifications, training and experience. After that, an interview is needed to see if the applicant is a good fit.

It may be how it’s always been done, but it’s not the only way.

Many professionals who oversee healthcare staffing have learned that instead of finding talent to fill vacancies, they can often build talent from their current staff. Here’s a closer look at how that process differs. 

Start With Successful Employees

Many health-related businesses struggle with the recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals because managers haven’t created pathways for advancement in their employees' careers. Certified healthcare workers will be hired for one role and often burn out over time.

A win-win is to leverage the success of these individuals and help them complete personalized training to excel and, at the same time, meet the larger needs of the team. Looking first to internal candidates saves time and resources, as it’s already clear they’re a great fit for the organization.

Partner With a Reputable Training School

Another way to build talent is for human resource executives to partner with a respected training school so new graduates are ready to fill the gaps in healthcare staffing. By working directly with the team at MedCerts, it’s possible to skip the task of sifting through resumes. You’ll know that graduates have gained the skills, training and experience necessary to fill crucial roles right away.

Funnel Through an Apprenticeship Program

Today’s workplaces demand that employees arrive with experience, but the reality is that even the most experienced applicant may have a very different work method than what the organization needs. It may be faster to build someone’s experience instead. This can be accomplished through the development of an apprenticeship program.

MedCerts is an approved apprenticeship intermediary with the Department of Labor, meaning you won’t even have to handle the administrative work associated with the program. Instead, your business can train apprentices to meet specific needs within the organization. The hiring process is shortened, and you’ll be able to confirm the person is a good fit before seamlessly inviting them to the team.

Save Time and Resources by Building Rather Than Finding

To say that much has been forced to pivot in healthcare over the last few years is an understatement, and healthcare staffing isn’t any different. In 2022, more companies can create a hiring process that starts with a generous and critical look within the company first. Talk with managers about employees who exhibit a willingness to learn and grow professionally.

At the same time, HR executives can have the support of a reputable training school to place recent graduates or implement an apprenticeship program that makes it easy to create the team your organization requires to help patients right away.

To find out how your organization can build a solid talent pipeline through innovative staffing strategies, connect with MedCerts today.

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Published on December 8, 2021


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