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The world of work is undergoing a monumental transition as our society enters the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Although this change brings unprecedented opportunities, many of your clients will have to overcome barriers to take advantage of them. Before your clients can participate in any of the lucrative job-training programs available, you may have to help them deal with issues related to technology, costs of training, self-confidence, transportation and childcare.

1. Identify Obstacles

The first step to overcoming employment training barriers is to identify them. Different populations and individuals will have different obstacles. Work with your clients to create a customized support solution.

Some issues may be obvious, such as a lack of childcare or transportation. Other issues may be more complex and require extensive support, such as poor literacy or executive function skills. Regardless of how simple or complicated the barriers are, identifying them and creating an action plan will put your client on the path to a better life.

2. Contextualize Support

Once you and your client have identified their specific barriers and what has to be done to address them, create a support plan that works within the context of their everyday life. For instance, if your client has an erratic schedule that won't work with a traditional community college class, choosing an online training option can be the best solution.

3. Motivate and Inspire

Learning something new is hard under the best of circumstances and is even more so for your clients who may face additional challenges. Spend some time helping your client articulate their goals and values, including how job training will help them achieve those goals. Understanding their "why" will help your clients persist when they want to give up.

Exploring career options and the type of income and lifestyle they can realistically expect when they finish can be very motivating. In particular, even entry-level jobs in the fields of information technology and healthcare are very in-demand and high-paying. Pairing your client with a mentor who has successfully completed a similar employment training program can be an inspiration. It will also give them someone to turn to when they need help or encouragement.

4. Leverage Workforce and Community Programs

Your clients may not realize what resources are available to them, or they may have trouble navigating the system to qualify for programs. You can help them by matching them up with community-based organizations that offer the type of help they need. They may also need help filling out paperwork to meet eligibility criteria for programs such as TANF or SNAP.

Younger clients may need services from child welfare programs, youth shelters or juvenile justice programs. Those without positive role models might need help and advice regarding hygiene and grooming. If they've been in and out of foster care, a class in soft skills can help improve communication.

How MedCerts Can Help

Many of your clients have obligations and limitations that can interfere with traditional classroom training. A flexible training program that allows them to learn from home when it's most convenient for them can help them overcome many barriers to employment training. MedCerts provides high-quality, interactive programs that prepare your clients to start a satisfying and rewarding career.

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Published on March 10, 2022


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