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Medical laboratory assistants are important in healthcare settings, both large and small. They collect, prepare and transport patients' blood, urine and other specimens. They also perform — and analyze the results of — several diagnostic tests by using equipment like cell counters, microscopes and sophisticated computerized instruments.

Medical lab assistants don't just work behind the scenes — they also communicate with and comfort patients during, sometimes frightening, specimen collection procedures. This makes them important members of the patient-facing medical team.

What Is MedCerts' Medical Laboratory Assistant Program?

MedCerts' Medical Laboratory Assistant program adheres to our custom 12 Elements of eLearning model. It's comprehensive and immersive, combining coursework and exams with a series of hands-on learning experiences using virtual tools and live-recorded videos. This approach gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and practice them in a technologically advanced, 3D environment.

Here are some of the key courses in this program.

Introduction to Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology

In this introductory course, our industry professionals will teach you what the structure and functions of the 11 systems in the human body are. You'll also learn how to write and speak the proper medical language when referring to those systems. In the Pathology section of the class, you'll learn about the major conditions and diseases that affect the body and the types of tests used to identify them. To cap it off, the professionals will teach you how to apply your newfound knowledge in a healthcare setting.


Proper specimen collection plays a critical role in accurate diagnoses, making it one of the most important job functions of a medical lab assistant. In our Phlebotomy class, you'll learn how to collect and test both blood and other types of specimens. You'll also learn how to safely handle, transport and process such specimens through modules such as those on safety and infection control. In the sections on communication and patient care, you'll learn how to make people comfortable during the specimen collection procedures.

Medical Lab Assisting

The topics in the Medical Lab Assisting course help ensure that you have the foundational knowledge necessary for a successful transition to the workplace. You'll learn various laboratory procedures performed in hematology, serology and other departments. We'll also touch upon the legal and ethical obligations of a medical laboratory assistant by guiding you through adherence to OSHA, HIPAA and other regulations.

Because it's so important to your ultimate success, this course also covers communicating and acting professionally as a team member in both the laboratory and as part of a larger medical team.

What Will You Know After Completing the Program?

MedCerts' Medical Laboratory Assistant Program will provide you with the knowledge and tools you'll need to transition smoothly into your new career:

  • Mastery of the terms commonly used in medical laboratories

  • Documentation and records management

  • Knowledge of the instruments used to perform laboratory testing — including function, operation and safety precautions

  • How to collect several types of samples across multiple laboratory types

  • Legal and ethical behavior for medical laboratory assistants

  • Laboratory documentation and other clerical skills

  • Professional and effective communication and behavior

  • Patient care and safety

Cost, Certifications, and Salaries — Is the Medical Laboratory Assistant Program Worth It?

With the MedCerts' Medical Laboratory Assistant program, you'll have access to specialized knowledge regarding medical lab assisting online at the touch of your fingertips — all without some of the costs associated with longer programs and degrees. This program is 16 weeks long, and it'll cost you $4,000.

On successfully completing the program, you'll be qualified to take the Certified Medical Lab Assistant (CMLA) certification exam. Once you receive provisional certification upon passing this exam and put in 120 hours of approved clinical laboratory experience, you'll be eligible for full certification by the American Medical Technologists organization.

You also have the option of pursuing a secondary certification as a Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) after you complete our program. Passing an exam and demonstrating your competencies after starting a job earns you this certification.

Most importantly, the median annual salary you can make as a medical laboratory assistant is $33,202.

Train for Your Career as a Medical Laboratory Assistant at MedCerts Today

Your career training doesn't have to take years to complete or cost tens of thousands of dollars. MedCerts offers fast but comprehensive training by industry professionals and offers education consultants to help you find the job you deserve.

Contact us now to enroll in the Medical Lab Assistant program or to learn more about the other programs we offer in the fast-growing and lucrative healthcare and IT industries.

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Published on April 4, 2022


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