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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Starting a new career gives many people a fresh lease on life. As a case manager, you are well-acquainted with the importance of finding the highest-quality learning to help your clients get there. Now more than ever, this is especially true for online learning — which offers students access to nearly endless opportunities for growth as they explore a new career.

Why Online Learning?

The benefits of online learning are immense, and many online learning platforms are building powerful reputations of preparing their students for success. With virtual learning at the forefront of education, greater numbers of students around the world are gaining access to quality education from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

The flexibility of online learning allows members of the workforce to nurture a new career without having to sacrifice their livelihood and schedule. With more and more access to mobile devices and networks being established every day, it is clear that online learning will only continue to grow in both quality and popularity.

Why MedCerts?

As much of the world shifts to the virtual realm, the quality online learning opportunities at MedCerts have never been more relevant. MedCerts is a trusted online training school focused on cultivating a high-caliber online learning environment that prepares students for modern industries and standards. With approval in 26 states to use training funds, students with MedCerts can gain the certifications and support they need to build their new career.

With a student-focused approach, MedCerts uses immersive training and prioritizes student success. As a leader in the worlds of remote learning, they offer:

  • HD-quality instructor-led videos

  • 3D animations

  • Virtual interactive training scenarios

  • Demonstrations and simulations of clinical skills

  • Patient demonstrations and interactions

  • Games and activities

  • Traditional textbook readings and assessments

These innovative learning tools place MedCerts at the forefront of the online learning industry. The dynamic and engaging learning elements are the driving force behind MedCerts’s stellar Allied Health certification exam pass rate of 89% — which is 20% higher than the national average.

Why Is Student Support Important?

For your clients, an impending career change can seem daunting, but postgraduate support can help them smoothly launch their new job track. MedCerts offers one-on-one support and mentorship for students who use workforce grants to strengthen their training and skills. After a personally tailored orientation, students of MedCerts gain access to student support advisors throughout their studies. To ensure student success, MedCerts offers:

  • Student enrollment consultations

  • Orientation

  • Online courses

  • Career services

Beyond training and certification, your clients can continue to enjoy the support of MedCerts via tutorials on resume writing, interview skills, and job-hunting. This support is strengthened by MedCerts’s close relationship with well-known staffing agencies and healthcare organizations, which can help students gain an important advantage as they pursue their new goals.

The Importance of High-Quality Online Learning

As online learning continues to drive the future of education, finding quality online learning opportunities and comprehensive postgraduate support for your clients becomes more important than ever. MedCerts prioritizes these elements in order to help candidates maximize their earning potential and build a bright future in their new careers.

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Published on January 27, 2021