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Healthcare apprenticeships allow students to jump into the medical field while they're still learning. Unlike internships, apprenticeships are paid positions that offer hands-on learning and career experience. Once they complete their training, ideally students transition to a full-time position at their medical facility. Because their job is virtually guaranteed, they have an advantage over other medical students.

As medical facilities struggle to fill positions, apprenticeships give them the opportunity to hire new workers in a fraction of the time. Specifically, apprenticeships help medical facilities hire quality candidates and keep their facilities staffed for their patients.

Average apprenticeships give workers basic knowledge, but great apprenticeships provide a well-rounded education that goes beyond hands-on training.

Average Apprenticeship vs. Great Apprenticeship

Average apprenticeships offer email communication with the advisor during office hours. Email communication is fine when the question isn't urgent, but when they need immediate assistance, their advisor might not be checking their inbox.

A great apprenticeship such as MedCerts's programs offers phone, email and text message communication so that your employees come to work armed with knowledge.

An average apprenticeship takes anywhere from two to four years to complete. With job shortages, medical facilities don't have four years to wait for new applicants. MedCerts's apprenticeships help students graduate within six months or less. You'll fill your staff with in-demand employees who want to get started as soon as possible.

While on-site training prepares your apprentices for a permanent position, they need background knowledge to succeed in their field. MedCerts's apprenticeships supplement their training with interactive programs, 3D environments and online learning to provide a well-rounded education. They include not only lecture notes but also innovative programs that engage the apprentices' minds while they learn.

Finally, the best apprenticeships come with career coaching to help your employees reach their full potential. You'll hire quality people with the knowledge and expertise to succeed in their field. Because they get paid during their apprenticeships, employees are more likely to stay with your facility instead of leaving you in the lurch after completing their training.

Starting a Healthcare Apprenticeship Program

MedCerts has apprenticeship programs for medical coders, medical assistants, veterinary assistants, pharmacy technicians and phlebotomy technicians. If you're struggling to find employees, sign up for our employer apprenticeship program online. Our students receive benefits like job placement, job shadowing and blended learning so that they're ready to fill your vacancies.

Once you fill out the form on MedCerts's website, you'll be able to learn more about apprenticeship programs. MedCerts will connect you with high-quality employees that provide great service on the floor and in the back office. Considering that many of MedCerts's students are just starting their careers, you'll have employees that will stay with you for years. Moreover, these experienced employees will train the next generation of workers.

The Takeaway

MedCerts's healthcare apprenticeship programs offer four main benefits:

  • Fast-tracked learning

  • Onsite instruction

  • Career coaching

  • Regular advisor-student communication

These programs help you resolve job shortages and allow the next generation to enter the workforce — all while providing expert patient care. Reach out to MedCerts today to see how your facility can join our apprenticeship program.

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Published on January 12, 2022


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