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Do a quick online search for "healthcare staffing" or "health staffing services," and you'll find article after article discussing the challenges of finding qualified candidates to fill open healthcare positions.

One recent survey of hospital leaders offered some startling statistics: Nearly one-third of respondents revealed that they couldn't find enough candidates to fill positions, and 24 percent of them were concerned about their new hires' qualifications. When talented candidates are hard to find, it's time to get creative with your healthcare staffing solutions.

Let's talk about a healthcare staffing resource you might not have considered: your existing employees.

Traditional Healthcare Staffing Solutions Don't Always Work

It's no surprise that the healthcare field is flush with job opportunities — the baby boomer population is aging, and that comes with an increased demand for healthcare services.

The traditional methods used to identify and hire candidates don't always do the trick: Healthcare facilities find that they can't just post job descriptions and wait for qualified applicants to show up. Even working with hospital staffing agencies doesn't always yield results when there's an overall healthcare staffing shortage.

When these tried-and-true tactics stop working, it's time to think outside the box. One innovative solution is to partner with a training provider like MedCerts to train employees who already work for your facility.

Benefits of Internal Training

Internal training and recruiting can be good for organizations in a number of ways. Eliminating the cost of recruiting can mean big savings for healthcare facilities. When facilities invest in internal candidates, they can feel confident that they have a clear picture of the candidate’s personality, skillset and potential; in other words, they already know that the candidate is a good fit for the organization.

And while career pathing is undoubtedly a good thing for employees, there are real advantages for employers as well. Organizations experience better employee retention when they invest in training, and their employees tend to be more engaged.

When your facility partners with MedCerts, you don't need to wait for qualified candidates to apply for your positions or rely on health staffing professionals to bring the right candidates to you. MedCerts offers a variety of training options to fit your facility's unique needs, including:

  • Exam prep: Fast-track certification exam preparation for those who need help getting the certification they need.
  • Apprenticeships: Provide comprehensive healthcare apprenticeship programs for those looking to make a more significant career change.

Whether you choose to utilize our online training programs or healthcare apprenticeships, you can feel confident that your employees will have the skills and certifications they need to handle these entry-level healthcare positions.

Choosing Candidates for Training

If you're planning to train individuals who already work at your healthcare facility, it's important to choose the right candidates to take on these positions.

When you're evaluating an individual's potential, think beyond their current job duties. Just because they're good at what they're doing now doesn't guarantee that they're the right candidate for a new set of responsibilities. Instead, assess the skills that might be outside the realm of their current position. Are they respected by their peers? Can they handle pressure and manage a variety of responsibilities? Do they have good people skills?

Some of your current employees might even voice career aspirations that would align well with the positions you're trying to fill. Perhaps they've expressed a desire to move up in the facility or take on more responsibility. These individuals would probably appreciate the opportunity to complete healthcare certification training and advance their careers.

A Win-Win Situation

If your health staffing agency hasn't been able to get you the candidates you need, don't despair—your next hire may already work for you. When you partner with MedCerts for healthcare training solutions, both you and your "homegrown" talent reap the benefits. You can feel confident that your entry-level positions are being filled with qualified candidates, and your employees gain the skills they need to launch rewarding new careers.

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Published on March 24, 2020