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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Once your client has made the decision to pursue workforce development training to further their career, they look to you to help them make the best decision about where to get that training. Enrolling in a WIOA program can help them receive their education at little to no cost.

However, not all WIOA programs are created equally. There are many types of programs out there, but the two main methods of delivery are online training programs and in-person programs at local community colleges. Which is best for your clients depends on a few key factors.

Learning Style

Most community college classroom environments look the same – lectures, PowerPoints, textbooks and note-taking. While that has always been the traditional standard for teaching, research has shown that not all students benefit from one single learning style.

Online education providers like MedCerts offer a platform to engage every type of student with a variety of teaching tools from video lectures, interactive games, 3D simulations and more. This ensures that no matter how a student prefers to learn, they will find an effective teaching style in an online program and enjoy a more comfortable, practical learning experience.

Structure & Flexibility

Community colleges rely on in-person attendance on a regularly scheduled basis. Some people might thrive on a strict, rigid schedule, but online learning provides more structure than most people think while also giving room for life’s ups and downs.

Online programs are available whenever and wherever your clients are so if work, family obligations or any other life events come up, they won’t have to worry about missing class. Everything is all online ready to pick up where they left off.

But contrary to popular belief, online programs aren’t just for the self-motivated. They provide structure and require accountability. All MedCerts students are expected to complete 15 to 20 hours of coursework a week which is easily tracked and scheduled through tools in their custom learning portal. Plus, you can feel confident they are getting the support, motivation and accountability they need with weekly check-ins with their personal advisor and electronic progress reports available to you. This is more support than most community colleges offer.

The best part – transportation and childcare issues will never prevent your clients from having access to online education.

Using WIOA Funding

Community colleges often have partnerships with the local WIOA office. This makes receiving funding for their programs relatively easy for your clients.

Despite what you may think, using WIOA funding for online programs is often just as simple. Online training programs like MedCerts have educational consultants on hand with expertise in the WIOA process to help your clients receive the funding they need to thrive. Plus, MedCerts is on the approved ETPL list in 30 states.

Work with MedCerts Today

If your clients are looking for immersive training for high demand careers with minimal learning barriers, an online program is a smart choice. Unlike programs at community colleges, which may take years to complete, online programs are generally short-term and tailored to get students into careers that are hiring now.

For more information on how online programs can help your clients succeed, learn how to get them working with MedCerts today.

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Published on July 17, 2020