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As a case manager, your client’s success and well-being are your top priorities. In the world of online learning, it is clear that the same should be true — the achievement and wellness of the student must be the most important considerations for virtual education providers.

Putting the Student First

MedCerts places its students at the forefront of its virtual education programs. For students who utilize workforce grants, MedCerts offers comprehensive support from the beginning of their program to certification and beyond.

Support services designed to foster student success include:

Informative Student Education Consultations

For students looking to step forward into a new career, the preliminary form of student-centered support involves connecting with an experienced MedCerts Education Consultant. These highly-trained individuals are ready to answer the student’s pressing questions and share important information about the opportunities available to them at MedCerts. Many of the programs and career opportunities available have the ability to be underwritten by workforce grants and training funds, such as those provided through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Personalized Orientation

After the student peruses the online learning opportunities available to them, MedCerts provides them with a one-on-one expert who will mentor them throughout their education. This expert works with the student to create an online learning plan that is tailored to their needs, schedule and preferences.

MedCerts’s orientation process mirrors that of traditional schools by reviewing the expectations and process of their virtual learning plan. MedCerts elevates the orientation experience by utilizing cutting-edge learning tools that help their students master the material quickly and effectively.

Comprehensive Online Courses

A typical MedCerts course spans from three to 23 weeks of high-quality education. The length of study is dependent on the student’s chosen career track. MedCerts is a clear leader in the world of remote learning, and, as such, every program upholds the 12 Elements of eLearning:

  • HD-quality videos led by top-of-the-line instructors

  • Dynamic 3D animations

  • Engaging interactive training scenarios

  • Clear simulations and demonstrations of clinical skills

  • Informative patient demonstrations and interactions

  • Attention-grabbing games and activities

  • Tried-and-true textbook readings and assessments

The result of placing the student first is the stellar Allied Health certification exam pass rate that MedCerts has achieved. MedCerts students pass at a rate of 89% — which is 20% higher than the average pass rate in the U.S.

Sustained Support

During the time they are a part of MedCerts’s educational programs, students have round-the-clock access to advisors and experts within their field. Students can use a range of avenues of communication, which include:

  • Live chat

  • Email

  • Text messaging

  • Phone and video calls

This sustained support provides students with the unique opportunity to have their pressing questions answered quickly. This nurtures their confidence, skills and quality of education.

Career Preparation

Beyond the online classroom, MedCerts helps connect students to an extensive network of employers and 100s of hours of downloadable career content, including resume builders, interview practice and job search tools.

Certification and Beyond

Advisors sustain their unparalleled level of support after course completion by assisting students as they search for test locations and prepare for certification exams.

With comprehensive support from the intake process to the time they land a job in their new career, MedCerts helps candidates boost their earning potential and create the brightest version of their future — all by placing the student first.

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Published on January 18, 2021