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Certified medical assistants are highly sought-after in the healthcare industry. The Occupational Outlook Handbook indicates that by 2030 the demand for medical assistants will grow by 18 percent—adding 720,900 jobs.‌

This role provides essential services to the day-to-day functions of medical practices. As a medical assistant, you are responsible for:

  • Taking and recording patient vitals

  • Updating patient records

  • Stocking exam rooms with supplies

  • Handling laboratory specimens 

‌The average beginning salary for a medical assistant is $35,000 per year or around $17 per hour.

How to Become a Medical Assistant

Becoming a certified medical assistant can be done through an online credentialing school like MedCerts’ Medical Assistant Program. MedCerts programs are self-paced, entirely online, and offer many tools to help a student be successful.

‌Apply and Enroll in a Medical Assistant Program

To enroll in this program, a student must meet the eligibility requirements. These requirements include:

  • A high school diploma or GED

  • Access to the internet

  • Complete course registration and payment

MedCerts’ programs are eligible for several grants, including MyCAA for military spouses and federal and local workforce grants. These grants often cover the total cost of our medical assistant program. ‌

Once you’ve met the eligibility requirements, you can begin the quick and straightforward application process.

Talk to an Education Consultant

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you through every aspect of the program, beginning with enrollment. In addition, our education consultants can answer any questions you have, including whether or not the medical assistant program is the best option for you.

‌Our advisors can also recommend possible grants and scholarships for which you may be eligible.

Complete the Medical Assistant Program

MedCerts’ programs offer modernized online training that makes our courses engaging and interesting. Some unique features of our programs include:

  • 3D animated demonstrations

  • Interactive game-based learning

  • 24/7 help

  • Holistic coaching

  • Exam preparation

  • Career Center and coaches

‌The program includes four courses:

  • Customer Service Professional I

  • Introduction to Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology

  • Medical Office Procedures and Administration

  • Clinical Medical Assisting

‌Some of the skills you’ll have gained upon completion include:

  • Knowledge of human anatomy and medical terminology

  • Compliance with healthcare laws and regulations

  • Recording diagnosis codes for medical records

  • Administering medications

  • Taking and recording patient vital signs

  • Proper handling and disposal of laboratory specimens

  • Providing excellent patient care

‌Create A Resumé and Apply for Jobs

‌While you’re learning all the skills for your new career, you’ll also have access to MedCerts exclusive Career Center and our expert Career Coaches. This allows you to be prepared to start a new job as soon as you pass your certification exam.

We provide you with all the necessary tools for you to create a stellar resumé and our Career Coaches can provide instant feedback and help you prepare for interviews. Plus, once your resume is complete we’ll share it with the 1,000+ employer partners looking to hire MedCerts graduates.

Enjoy Your New Career

You did it! It’s time to enjoy your new career as a medical assistant. Once you’ve gained experience, you’ll have many opportunities to grow in the healthcare industry. By adding additional certifications in the future, you can advance into other medical positions.

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Published on October 25, 2021


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