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What Is an IT Technician Job Description?

IT technicians provide an array of services for their employer, from completing minor repairs on computers to ordering new computer hardware. Day-to-day IT technicians will often work with helpdesk ticketing solutions, diagnosing computer problems and resolving them to the best of their ability. IT technicians may monitor apps, networks, and hardware to identify potential problems, and will install, update, and upgrade software and hardware when necessary. IT technicians may also run tests on computer equipment and programs and they may make suggestions regarding better solutions (though this is often the job of the administrator). IT technicians may be tasked with training end users on the software and technology they use.

As the field of IT technician is broad, the IT technician job description may also depend on the organization. Different organizations will have different needs; consequently, many IT technicians are specialized in a specific industry or field. Today, IT technicians may also need some knowledge of database programming, general programming techniques, and data management. Data is becoming exceptionally important throughout the IT industry, even for entry-level job positions. Some knowledge of development is also often required for IT technicians who will be working closely with advanced software solutions.

Written by MedCerts Team
Published on August 21, 2019