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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Getting trained in healthcare and information technology (IT) can help you land a rewarding, well-paying job. Unfortunately going back to school can be expensive. Many people put off job training because they can’t afford it or don’t want to take out student loans. If this describes you, you may want to look into school grant funding for your education.

Benefits of School Grants

Unlike loans, grants don’t have to be repaid. If you need financial help, you may be eligible for free career training. Workforce grants were created to help people who are unemployed or who aren’t making much money at their current jobs.

Types of Workforce Grants

There are several different types of workforce grants you can apply for. To qualify, you’ll need to meet certain requirements depending on the grant. Here are a few of the most common types of grants and how you can apply for them.

Employment Training Grants

The federal government provides grants for employment training for Americans who need help getting started in a new career. If you have a low income, were laid off from your job, or are unemployed, find out if you qualify by going to the Career One Stop website. You’ll be able to work with a case worker who can walk you through the process and choose a funding option.


The U.S. Department of Labor also offers grants for apprenticeships. If you qualify, you could get paid to complete on-the-job training for specific careers that are in high demand. Apprenticeships also include classroom training for a certification or degree and a jumpstart on your new career. You can find out what apprenticeships are offered and if you qualify at the Apprenticeship USA website.

Military Grants

If you’re an active-duty military member, the Department of Defense may provide grants for getting your credentials. The COOL (Credentialing Opportunities Online) website provides more information. You can use this to prepare for a well-paying job after you get out of the service.

The Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS) provides veterans and their spouses with help in job training and placement. You can go through Career One Stop to get started.

How to Find a Job Training Program

Once you’ve determined if you qualified for a grant, you’ll need to decide what type of career you’d like to train for. You can think about what you enjoy doing and what your interests are. If you enjoy working with people, you might want to become a patient care technician. If you enjoy working with computers, becoming an IT Support Professional might be a better fit.

Your next step will be choosing a school. Look for a school that understands the needs of adult learners and provides a lot of support. At MedCerts, you’ll learn from experts. Fully online training includes state-of-the-art technology and real-life simulations.

You should also ask about student services. An Admissions Advisor can help you get started, and a Student Success Advisor provides guidance and advice while you’re in school. When you finish your program, a career coach can help you land your dream job.

Get Started Training for a New Career Today

If you’re ready to launch a rewarding career, find out what you need to get started. Visit Career One Stop or contact an Admissions Advisor at MedCerts today. They can answer your questions about federal funding and tell you more about exciting opportunities for professional career development.

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Published on March 19, 2024


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