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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

So you want to strengthen your skills and learn something new? It makes sense, expanding your education can lead to promotions within the Army or set you up for a successful civilian job after duty – which ultimately leads to better salaries and a strong career. Why not take advantage of the education benefits available to you with your active duty status?

Your Army Education Benefits include up to $4000 every fiscal year for either tuition assistance or credentialing assistance. Today we’re going to focus on credentials. Using Army Credentialing Opportunities OnLine (Army COOL) and the Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program, you can find the training that meets your needs and pay nothing out-of-pocket.

What are Credentials?

Credentials or certifications are administered through independent non-governmental training agencies and provide proof of expertise in a field. While the preparation for most university or college degrees can take several years, the education required for a credentialing exam is usually much shorter, sometimes only weeks or months.

Acquiring civilian credentials has its fair share of advantages. Most notably, it contributes to better military career advancements. It is also acceptable in performance assessments and cases needing self-development skills. In addition, it helps smooth the transition back to civilian living and employment if that’s the path you choose. Credentials equip you with the means to transform your military skill set and experience into something civilian employers recognize. It not only helps you gain employment but also improves your chances of promotion.

How Does Army COOL Work?

The Army COOL program is helpful for active-duty soldiers, National Guard and Army Reserve members, recruiters, counselors, and employers. It is a database of all Army-approved credentialing vendors and programs. Soldiers can search this site to find the right training for their goals and ensure it is covered with their Credentialing Assistance funds.

How Do You Find the Ideal Credentials Training Program?

Army COOL is one of the most helpful online career training resources for army service members. However, the selection process is tasking, and there are a lot of online IT and project management certifications available. Here is further insight into how to pick the ideal credential.

Project Management

Select a Career Path

Having a career path in mind helps you determine the credential you need. The Army COOL site provides an overview of the many civilian jobs available with your current training. It also gives you the skills, inventories, and statistics on potential earnings depending on your chosen credential. This ability allows you to pick your next steps with certainty.

Pick Programs Approved for Army Credentialing Assistance

Not all online credentialing programs are eligible for credentialing assistance, that’s why it’s beneficial to use the COOL search function to make sure you pick CA-approved schools. Luckily, MedCerts is proud to be part of the list of certified vendors. Our programs are 100% online making it easy to adapt school to a military lifestyle and most of our programs cost less than $4000, so your training will be fully funded.

Getting Career Guidance

MedCerts also offers expert academic consultants that are adept at exploring and crossmatching the different available programs. Rest assured that we'll find the ideal credential program plan for you.

Army Credentials and You

By taking an Army Credentialing approved course through MedCerts, you'll be able to find the right blend between military experience and civilian education. Our platform allows you to pick the right career training at a friendly rate using Credentialing Assistance. Enroll now to enhance your skillset!

Note: The Army, Department of the Army, and Department of Defense are neither affiliated with MedCerts nor endorse our services.

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Published on July 14, 2021