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A major benefit of IT certifications is that there are no requirements for entry-level IT certifications. Before obtaining an IT certification, you need to decide which certification path you want. You can then schedule your certification test in the appropriate "testing window." Not all tests are available throughout the entire year, so you should schedule your test early.

Of course, you will also need to study for the certification test. Even if you already have industry-related experience, the topics on a certification test are often very specific. A class in the certification you're interested in can help. With most schools, you'll pay a fee to take the test -- and once the test is passed, you'll receive your certification. If you fail the certification test, you'll often need to wait a certain amount of time to re-take it. You will also need to pay the fees associated with the test again. However, as a MedCerts student, your exam fees are covered. We also assist with finding and scheduling the exam and will cover up to one free retake, if necessary, for all students enrolled in our IT training programs.

For positions beyond entry-level, certifications will often require that you either have a previous certification or that you have a certain level of experience. Therefore, there are specific IT certification paths that you can choose to undertake. Entry-level certifications are usually enough for positions in the IT field. In many instances, employers pay for additional training and certifications beyond this point.

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Published on September 9, 2019