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Unemployment training can change the lives of your clients and few things can offer the lifelong benefits of training for a new, rewarding career. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to explain the advantages to your clients who are afraid they might not be successful in job training. If you've been wondering how to increase enrollment in unemployment training programs, here are four strategies you can use:

Data and Real-Life Success Stories

People who obtain education beyond a high school diploma earn significantly more over their lifetimes. It's not just college degrees that allow people to earn more money, either. Studies of workforce grant participants who earn certificates during their training have shown a 15% to 30% increase in salary over those who don't. Workers with post-secondary training also have more job stability, an essential consideration in an uncertain economy.

In addition to providing your clients with data about the success of unemployment training, tell your current clients about your past clients' results. If your past clients agree, you can even host a meeting or lunch where they can meet to talk about their experiences.

Individualized Solutions

You'll be most effective at convincing your clients to enroll in unemployment training if you address the specific pain points behind their resistance. This will be different for every client, and you may have to probe to uncover the obstacles holding them back. For some clients, the obstacles will be related to their confidence or existing qualifications. You may have to help them fill gaps in their skills or knowledge to build their confidence and equip them to be successful.

Other clients may have logistical or family challenges that prevent them from participating. You may need to match them up with other programs that can provide the services they need, such as babysitting, transportation, or other financial help.

In-Demand Careers

Unfortunately, not all unemployment training provides equal benefits. Encourage your clients to go into fields with high growth and income potential. Healthcare and information technology are two of the fastest growing and best-paying industries. The global tech talent shortage is expected to reach 85 million jobs by 2030. Healthcare growth is expected to grow 13% over the next ten years, much faster than the average for all careers. These in-demand fields offer opportunities for your clients even during a possible economic downturn.

Student-Centered Training Programs

Some of your clients may not realize what types of training are available to them. Student-centered programs like MedCerts are designed to maximize students' success. These programs offer nontraditional students flexible learning opportunities. There are also various financing options, including federal workforce grants for which your clients may be eligible.

At MedCerts, the benefits for your clients go further with mentorship and career support opportunities. We offer one-on-one support through a personalized admissions advisor, student success advisors, and career coaches. Your clients will get the individualized help they need to succeed.

Next Steps

Unemployment training and certifications can help set your clients up for a lifelong, rewarding career. With these strategies, you can better communicate the advantages to all of your clients and help them overcome any barriers to their success.

Portrait of Sandy Mead
Written by Sandy Mead
National Director of Workforce Development

Sandy Mead has over 22 years of experience in the workforce development space and helps MedCerts create career opportunities and build relationships with workforce offices.

As the National Director of Workforce Development, Sandy partners with workforce offices across the country to assist in the WIOA requirements of providing skills gained and national credentials to increase successful career pathways. She has been instrumental in increasing performance data outcomes and helping participants achieve credentials to enhance employment.

Published on October 17, 2022


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