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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Spouses of military professionals may be used to moving around with changes of station, but that doesn't make it easy to find a job once your family has settled down again. The answer? A portable career.

Spouses of active-duty service members in certain pay grades can begin a journey toward a career that moves with them through the help of a program called MYCAA. Short for My Career Advancement Account, this program provides scholarships of up to $4,000 to help pursue a new career. 

With the right training, you can continue to excel professionally no matter where your family moves next. Many careers, especially in the healthcare industry, are available across the country. The demand is great for many of these jobs, but they require education and certifications.

What Does a Portable Career Look Like?

Portable careers are an ideal solution for many military spouses. These kinds of careers:

  • Are part of an industry that is in high demand and experiencing growth
  • Aren't location-dependent, meaning the same jobs are in demand all over the nation
  • Include jobs that experience high turnover or vacancy rates, resulting in more job openings
  • Dovetail with the MYCAA program, which underwrites training and understands the needs of military spouses
  • Offer plenty of choices to fit the needs of a variety of communities
  • Accept training with just a high school diploma or GED

You need more than just training to land a portable job, though. Like the start of many careers, it's necessary to also have a professional network to support you.

MedCerts Offers MYCAA-Approved Programs

Many military spouses look to MedCerts for the online training that's necessary to prepare them for certifications in a variety of health-related fields. Not only is the high-quality instruction flexible and effective, but it is also designed specifically for many MYCAA-approved programs.

The certification paths include professions such as:

Funding from MYCAA can fully cover the tuition for these certification paths and more. But MedCerts provides more than just the training.

Support for Military Spouses

For anybody starting out in a new industry, it's important to have a network of support to help you get your foot in the door. For military spouses who move frequently, it's even more necessary.

As a MYCAA-recognized school, MedCerts specializes in one-on-one mentoring and guidance. They can help you make professional connections that can result in internships or resume-building apprenticeships. Their team is available to answer questions about registration, funding or how to prepare for that first job interview.

Use MYCAA to Create Your Future

With the help of the MYCAA scholarship program, military spouses can receive the funding necessary to take the first step toward creating a portable career. MedCerts offers many options for getting certified and positioned to land a job in the healthcare industry. To see the different MYCAA-approved programs on offer, browse the MedCerts healthcare programs today.

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Published on August 19, 2020