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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

The option to study online is more popular than ever, and it's changing the game for students across the world. One learning platform reported that the number of its enrolled students more than doubled between 2019 and 2021 — and the rate of increase shows no sign of slowing down.

Why Study Online?

Online learning makes a quality education more accessible. You can study any time and anywhere you have an internet connection. Making education during your military service even more accessible.

You're not limited to local classes and teachers, so you can pursue almost any certification you desire.

Step 1: Set a Goal and Choose Your Topic

What do you want to get out of an online study program? Be as specific as possible. If you want to develop skills for your post-military career, define your career goals.

Determine what credentials you'll need and what kind of program would be a good match. Many certification programs are stackable, especially in information technology (IT).

Step 2: Figure Out Funding

Before researching schools, figure out how much you want to spend on an online study program.

If you're active-duty military, you can get tuition assistance of up to $4,000 through the Army Credentialing Assistance Program (CA) program. Army COOL helps fund online classes for active duty military in career-focused training.

Military spouses can get assistance of $2,000 per fiscal year, up to $4,000 total, through the MyCAA (My Career Advancement Account) scholarship. This Department of Defense program is available to spouses of active-duty military or National Guard members within qualifying pay grades.

Step 3: Start Researching Online Schools

Now that you know what you want to study and how you plan to pay for it, you can look for programs that match your needs.

If you're planning to use an Army CA or MyCAA scholarship, search for schools like MedCerts that offer approved study programs.

Make sure your school of choice offers support to soldiers and military families. At MedCerts, eligible students work with Military Education Consultants who are veterans or military family members. They understand your needs and are there to help you succeed.

Step 4: Reach Out and Apply

Once you've chosen a program, talk to an education consultant about enrolling. MedCerts education consultants can guide you through the entire application process. They can help you choose a program and point you to where you can apply for funding.

Step 5: Set Yourself Up For Success

Applying is just the first step. Make sure that when you start your program, you'll be ready to succeed.

Add time for study and classwork to your schedule. Figure out when you'll do homework, and don't let anything get in the way. If you know you'll have to be flexible, pencil in an alternative study time.

If possible, make a study space where no one will bother you. Keep all your study materials there, including contact information for student support services. Don't hesitate to use these services.

How to Study Online with MedCerts

MedCerts has everything you need to succeed as a military student. You'll get enrollment support, help on-demand with your course curriculum, and career guidance for when you graduate. And with MedCerts's career partnership network, you'll have employment opportunities you can't find elsewhere.

Don't wait — get in touch with a MedCerts education consultant and start your journey today.

The Army, Department of Defense, and Department of the Army are not affiliated with MedCerts and do not endorse our services.


Portrait of Mickey Gamoral
Written by Mickey Gamoral
Military Education Consultant

Mickey is a Platoon Leader for the Nevada Army National Guard and has been serving since September 2019. He joined the Army in an act of “now or never” as he neared his 30th birthday and had always dreamed of serving. Mickey is also an ASVAB coach and uses his education background to assist other soldiers through Gamonal Tutors.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and spent two and a half years in Morocco with the United States Peace Corps. He joined MedCerts in January 2020 and uses his combined Army and education experience to help soldiers take advantage of their Army Credentialing Assistance funding to pursue career training.

Mickey lives in Las Vegas, NV with his wife Sheena, who he considers his “rock”, and enjoys teaching snowboarding in his free time. He also has completed MedCerts Project Management program and hosts the ASVAB Domination podcast.

Published on October 12, 2022


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