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If you want to know which professional careers offer the highest levels of satisfaction and the lowest levels of stress, dental assistants top the list.

The Dental Assisting National Board released the results of a survey in 2019 indicating that 82% of dental assistants loved what they did and appreciated integral parts of the job, such as:

  • Good salary

  • Healthy work/life balance

  • Insurance benefits

  • Feeling like a member of a team

  • Strong employer recognition

While that may be exciting news for anyone looking to change careers and join the ranks of these happy professionals, you may wonder how to afford the training needed to qualify to become a dental assistant. For many, federal funding through workforce grants may be an answer.

What Are Workforce Grants?

Grants are, in essence, money provided by a governmental agency or academic institution. Grants usually don't have to be paid back if you follow the requirements.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act is one federal program that helps Americans find quality jobs and careers. The funding can pay for tuition assistance, books, uniforms, supplies, and vocational guidance.

Who Is Eligible for These Grants?

To determine if you qualify for training funds, you can schedule an appointment with an assigned case manager at your local American Job Center. If you have access to a computer, you can also check your eligibility online through

The amount you may receive in federal funding to become a dental assistant will vary from person to person. Funds are based in part on your financial need and location. These workforce grants are available in more than 30 states throughout the nation.

You must be at least 14 years old, considered low income, or otherwise eligible for government benefits. You must also be one of the following: a dislocated worker, terminated or laid off (or received notice of future termination or layoffs), or an unemployed self-employed individual.

4 Steps for Getting Started

Step 1: Research the role of a dental assistant. Dental assistants provide support to dentists and hygienists, and they work full-time, regular hours in an office environment. Their roles include greeting patients, scheduling appointments, obtaining preliminary vital signs, performing some diagnostic tests, taking x-rays, and providing additional assistance when required.

Step 2: Learn about the necessary training. MedCerts offers Dental Assistant Career Training that may be completely no-cost, thanks to federal funding opportunities. It takes 14 weeks to complete, and then you’ll be prepared for the RDA certification exam. Upon passing, the average starting salary is $32,000 a year.

Step 3: Check your eligibility for federal funding. You may be surprised to find that your situation does qualify. If not, there may be other avenues to explore.

Step 4: Talk with a workforce grant expert at MedCerts. Our Admissions Advisors are experienced and trained to answer questions and determine requirements for each state. They can also help you register for a program that positions you for a new career as a dental assistant.

    Take Advantage of Training Funds

    MedCerts offers flexible and convenient learning opportunities for in-demand careers, like dental assistants. They provide students support you’ll need to pass certification exams and find a job in a new career you’ll love. Best of all, the entire process could be paid for with grant funding from the federal government.

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    Published on May 9, 2022


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