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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

The Army Credentialing Assistance program (CA) is designed to underwrite the costs of training and courses that can enhance your resume and make you more competitive in the military or as you transition to civilian life.

You can apply online and receive up to $4,000 in funding for online training programs for fast-growing industries like healthcare and IT. When searching for one of the approved Army CA schools for your studies, make sure you look for one that offers the skills and support you need to pass a certification exam and land a great job.

How to Find the Right School and Program

Once you've signed up for Credentialing Assistance, you'll find that the Army COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) site serves as a tool to search for approved programs. You can search for the skill sets and industries — also known as Military Occupational Specialties, or MOS — that qualify for the benefit.

You'll want to look for MOS that are in high demand currently. Two industries with some of the highest projected increases in demand over the next decade are healthcare and IT. That's due to the aging population, which is creating an increasing demand for healthcare and assistance via ever-changing technology.

Of course, if you've got another MOS, you may want to increase your value by pursuing a complementary certification in one of those two industries.

Make sure you understand what costs are included in tuition when selecting a vendor, so that you don't have to pay for tuition, books, recertification steps, and other additional costs. Some online schools will cover the cost of the certification exam and materials, but not all.

Some Quick Advice on Credentials

  1. Schedule time to browse different programs available through COOL.
  2. Look for schools that have a strong reputation and can prove a high pass rate on exams.
  3. Be sure to set space and time aside when planning on studying online.
  4. Pick a course that interests you and provides skills you plan to use professionally.

Move Forward in Your Career

Do you want your future to be bright? Taking advantage of all the opportunities and resources the Army offers its soldiers can help you grow professionally. Start today to secure a rewarding job and a better income through Army COOL and the Credentialing Assistance Program.

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Published on September 10, 2020