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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

A career in cybersecurity analysis offers salaries that range from $66,000 to $120,000. To get started, you must receive legitimate cybersecurity certification. If you are a current or future IT professional, a five-week online cybersecurity training program with MedCerts has the power to jumpstart your career in cybersecurity.

MedCerts’ online cybersecurity training program is unique because it focuses on modern IT defensive strategies. Your CompTIA CySA+ certification will teach you how to defend against the newest cyber-attack methods and train you to become an invaluable cybersecurity employee.

What does a Cybersecurity Analyst Do?

Cybersecurity analysts are sometimes referred to as information security analysts. These experts are responsible for evaluating a business’s digital infrastructure and securing computer networks and information against cyber-attacks.

Daily, you will:

  • Offer basic cyber security training to company employees
  • Keep up to date on worldwide digital scams and security breaching methods
  • Present to company leaders about the importance of securing data against hackers
  • Check for weak spots in your business’s digital infrastructure—this includes mock-hacking the company to test for vulnerabilities
  • Promptly dealing with cybersecurity attacks

Every day is different for a cybersecurity analyst. Some days are fast-paced and exciting as you work to stave off immediate security breaches. Other days, you have the unique opportunity to test the boundaries of your company’s cybersecurity measures.

How to Get a Job in Cybersecurity

As more and more businesses store information on computers—and as hackers become increasingly clever—the need for well-trained cybersecurity analysts is growing. Start your career by earning a CompTIA CySA+ certification, which proves to employers that you have the training necessary to defend their business against modern-day hackers.

Head analysts are typically expected to have three to five years of IT experience. Luckily, entry-level IT jobs are plentiful. After completing your cybersecurity training, you’ll get to work under a head analyst to gain hands-on training and valuable experience. In time, you’ll achieve the six-figure career of your dreams.

How Your Cybersecurity Certification Helps You Advance Your Career

Even if you’re not looking to become a full-time cybersecurity analyst, a CompTIA CySA+ certification will advance your current career.

Cybersecurity training teaches you the ins and outs of business information infrastructures. Since understanding the world of cybersecurity is crucial for modern business leadership, having cybersecurity certification on your resume will impress your employer and give them an excellent reason to help you advance your career.

Begin Your Cybersecurity Training Today

In today’s fast-paced digital age, businesses must have reliable cybersecurity teams to protect information. That’s where you come in to save the day. As a cybersecurity analyst, you will defend your business against digital attackers, protect your business’s valuable data and keep company operations smooth.

MedCerts’ cybersecurity training program will help you advance your career by providing you with the nuts and bolts of modern cybersecurity. After completing your online career training, you will receive a CompTIA CySA+ cybersecurity certification that qualifies you for a job as a cybersecurity analyst.

Jumpstart your IT career and begin your cybersecurity training today.

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Published on November 18, 2019