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Looking to leverage training opportunities through Credentialing Assistance (CA) funding for your future career? The innovative, exciting information technology (IT) industry is worth a look.

Perhaps not surprising with the rapid advancements in tech over the last decade, IT professionals have enjoyed growing and competitive opportunities with high pay and plenty of job openings. In 2018, 2.8 million people worked in the IT sector, with thousands of additional openings expected in the upcoming years.

On average, IT pros in the United States earn $84,310. If you rise to become a decision-maker in the industry, you could earn upward from $133,289 a year in North America. Whether you decide to continue to advance within the Army or pursue a civilian career, IT can provide stability and job security.

Here is a closer look at IT career paths, starting with a search through Army COOL.

IT Career Path Opportunities

IT career paths are as diverse as the people interested in this challenging and rewarding industry.

For those who are using CA to start a career, remember that your credentialing assistance renews each fiscal year so you can continue to use it to stack credentials and build your IT experience throughout your Army career. You can also utilize Pell Grants or the GI Bill to complete a long-term degree in the future.

As you will see below, there are three main stackable certification pathways to consider.

1. Core Skill Mastery

For those just starting in the IT industry, you must first receive certifications that can demonstrate to future employers that you have mastered the basics of IT skills. This starts with CompTIA certifications in:

These certifications, which can be funded with the help of the CA program, are the foundation on which you can build a thriving career in IT.

2. Cybersecurity

Once you’ve completed the core credentials, you will be prepared to continue your training and education for roles such as:

  • Security Analyst

  • Network Security Operations Director

  • Vulnerability Tester

You’ll need to complete courses to prepare you for the CompTIA PenTest+, followed by the CASP+ certification to grow into positions of an advanced understanding of cybersecurity. These posts can include titles like Information Security Analyst and Cybersecurity Risk Manager.

3. Infrastructure Development

If the idea of developing infrastructure interests you more, you can choose to advance your IT career through a different pathway. This includes building on your core skills with certifications in Linux+, Server+, AWS CSAA and Cloud+.

These certifications will prepare you for working in roles such as:

  • Cloud Engineer

  • Project Manager for Cloud Services

  • Business Analyst in Cloud Computing

According to Burning Glass Technologies, Application Development Security and Cloud Security are the fastest-growing cybersecurity skill in 2021, projected to expand 164% and 115%, respectively, within the next 5-year.

Learn More About Furthering IT Career Paths

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Published on March 15, 2021