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ATTN Military Spouses: For a limited time, the Department of Defense has expanded eligibility for My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) to the first 1,250 approved applicants in the ranks of E-6 and O-3. MedCerts is an approved school for the MyCAA scholarship.

How does a no-cost education sound? If it seems too good to be true, we promise it’s not if you’re the spouse of an active duty service member. All you have to do is use the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) program to receive funding and scholarship assistance. And better yet, if you’re eligible for this government aid, you can take most MedCerts certifications programs without using a dime of your own money.

Sponsored by the Department of Defense, MyCAA is a part of its Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) program. So no matter which MyCAA school you decide to use, it’s worth pursuing – especially since it’s specifically designed to encourage military spouses to go after any education, training, licenses, certifications, and/or degrees that will help them gain employment in portable career fields.

Here’s How MyCAA Works for Military Spouses

Per the official MyCAA website, the MyCAA grant “only pays for tuition for credentials, certificates, or Associate degrees with a specified concentration or major and examinations leading to a recognized license or industry certification.” The MyCAA program provides up to $4,000 over two years in financial assistance, which must be used over three years to pay for your training of choice. No matter what MyCAA school you choose, the funding can be put towards tuition, licensing, and certification fees. However, it doesn’t apply to other items like books, electronic devices, childcare, uniforms, etc.

Eligibility is based on the following qualifications:

  • You’re the spouse of an active duty service member in pay grades E-1 to E-5, W-1 to W-2, or O-1 to O-2
  • You’re able to start and finish your coursework while your spouse is on Title 10 military orders
  • Spouses married to members of the National Guard and Reserve Components (in the same pay grades listed above) are also eligible

It’s important to note that applying for and/or receiving MyCAA funding does not impact a military spouse’s G.I. Bill in any way whatsoever.

Apply for MyCAA Funding Through MedCerts

If you’re a military spouse hoping to receive MyCAA funding before the end of the year, you need to act now rather than later. Once you submit your MyCAA application, it can take up to 60 days for it to be approved. Things will go much smoother if you’re already working with a MyCAA-approved school (which MedCerts is). Keep in mind that if you select a non-approved school, they have to go through their own approval process before you can apply to use the funding.

In addition to being a MyCAA school, MedCerts offers far more than most other certification programs. Our goal is to help you choose the right career path (or look for ways to continue an existing one) by exploring all of your options. Thanks to our expertise, we can provide career assessments, portable career data, and earning potential stats to help you make the best decision. From there, you can decide whether to pursue a career in healthcare or IT, among other fields.

How to Apply For MyCAA Funding To Use At MedCerts

Requesting MyCAA funds with MedCerts only takes three steps:

  1. The first thing you need to do is schedule an appointment with one of our Education Consultants and see if MedCerts is right for you. They’ll be able to provide you with any info needed throughout the entire MyCAA application process.
  2. Next, you’ll need to open your MyCAA account, where a real-time Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) will determine whether or not you can open an account (which you’ll do online).
  3. Once you’re MyCAA approved, your Education Consultant will help you to choose the best certification program, one that will allow you to find employment in a portable, high-demand field.

Start the MyCAA Application Process Today

By taking those three simple steps, you could be well on your way to that no-cost education we referenced in our introduction. But if you want to start the process before the end of the year, fill out your application ASAP. We were recently rated the best non-traditional military spouse-friendly school by Victory Media, and we’re not planning to relinquish that title any time soon. At MedCerts, our goal is to provide a student experience that covers absolutely everything you need. In the case of military spouses, that includes helping them receive MyCAA funding if they’re eligible for the program.

See for yourself why we’re the top-rated non-traditional military spouse-friendly school. Fill out our MyCAA Student Application today.

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Published on December 16, 2019