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Global studies repeatedly show that poor oral health and diseases of the mouth can lead to other serious concerns, such as increased risks for Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. This need drives an increased demand for dental workers and education that best prepares them for providing quality care.

For residents of St. Lucia, the need for oral care is no different. Because they lack resources and access to dental care, thousands of Saint Lucians experience pain, difficulty chewing, low self-esteem, poor nutrition and other complications caused by oral diseases.

In April 2023, we began our partnership with Montero Medical Missions to bring free Dental Assistant Training to a group of students in St. Lucia. Through email and local outreach campaigns, we reached out to Saint Lucians looking to either start their career in Dental Assisting or for people already in the dental field to enhance their skills with our online program. As an online school, we don't often get the privilege of shaking hands with the students taking our programs, but in September 2023, we got that opportunity.

MedCerts Senior Allied Health Program Developer, Jennifer Zabel advocated for and led this MedCerts Gives program. Her commitment as an educator has served as a catalyst for providing high-quality dental assistant training and opportunities to our students.

“What a privilege, that as a dental professional and educator, I was able to use my passion for dental health and training on a global level, AND be able to do so representing MedCerts. I'm thankful to our leadership that, without hesitation, gifted 20 St. Lucians full and free access to our dental assistant program and training. What an honor to hand deliver certificates of course completion, and to work alongside these MedCerts graduates, delivering dental care. MedCerts truly left a sustainable, global footprint on St. Lucia!”
-Jennifer Zabel

Upon arrival in St. Lucia, Jennifer greeted students with welcome bags containing MedCerts certificates and brand-new blue scrubs to begin their hands-on training. The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs welcomed the Montero Medical Mission and partners for an inaugural ceremony. The room was filled with smiles from our dental assistants, the Minister of Health, the Mayor and other dignitaries.

We were honored to offer dental assistant training alongside Montero's mission of providing dental care to patients assessed and registered at dental clinics around the island. The dental care services included cleanings, fillings and extractions provided at no cost.

Throughout the week of the mission, the MedCerts Dental Assistant students were able to work through their online program content if they had not already completed it and gain hands-on experience in dental clinics. The clinical portion was comprised of 3 days dedicated to clinical care, with enough volunteers to go to 8 clinics, all day, for all 3 days. That work translates as 24 days of dentistry total and our MedCerts graduates were at each of the 8 clinics, working with members of the Montero team.

One student, Gaby, was already working in the field and used the MedCerts program as an upskilling opportunity. The program offered her a way to refresh and refine her skills while being a steady reminder of why she's in the dental field.

"I like how they started from the beginning with the patients, with the front desk, and then going all the way into the work area and the contaminated area. It was quite mind-blowing as to how necessary what we do as dental assistants is." -Gaby

We are all smiles over here at MedCerts reflecting on this incredible opportunity to meet students and engage on a deeper level with the needs of St. Lucians. Ensuring that our programs have a real impact on our students is always part of our mission, and we’re eager to grow MedCerts Gives programming in the future.

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Written by Kayla Haack
Content Marketing & Social Media Specialist

Kayla joined MedCerts in 2022 and grows brand awareness through social media and content creation. She collects and shares student stories to move the needle for job seekers stuck in unfulfilling professions looking to discover a new tune in their careers.

Kayla holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from Texas State University. She lives in Philadelphia, PA, and spends her time digging through dusty crates of records and exploring all the live music and good eats the city has to offer.

Published on November 21, 2023


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