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Detroit, MI April 5, 2019 - MedCerts - the industry pioneer of video based, classroom-style online education - launched a Registered Behavior Technician™ (RBT) Training program. Behavior Technician Academy, powered by MedCerts is a 40-hour video-based online curriculum which is designed by BCBA industry experts.

The training model is created to help behavioral health organization certify new RBTs at scale and help professionals seeking the certification.

Medcerts’ Behavior Technician Academy allows students to complete the first step in the certification process - 100% online. Medcerts’ self-paced online program is delivered through the proprietary video-based learning management platform and follows the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Task List. Developed in partnership with BCBA industry experts, this in-depth, instructor led program allows students to learn all of the information necessary to earn a Behavior Technician Certification. The MedCerts platform offers easy content search, advanced analytics and self-service user management controls.

MedCerts first introduced the proprietary video-based learning management platform last year with one of the largest ABA providers - Centria Healthcare. Since then, the company has helped over 3,000 students complete the RBT training program and get placed within the Centria Healthcare system.

More recently, MedCerts expanded its footprint through a partnership with the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Association, who supports 15 behavioral health organizations in recruiting and training RBT professionals. Through the DWMHA, MedCerts plans to offer the self-service training to upwards of two hundred RBTs in 2019.

“As healthcare providers gain deeper understanding of individuals with behavioral challenges, they realize the increasing need for Behavioral Training for their medical staff,” said Jason Aubrey, CEO of MedCerts. “MedCert’s partnership with Centria is a great example of what education providers and healthcare organizations can successfully accomplish by working together, and we hope to make RBT training accessible to all organizations and professionals seeking the credential.”

ABA organizations looking to train and certify qualified RBT's can utilize MedCerts Behavior Academy training to provide applied behavior and autism training to employees through short-term, video based curriculum. Students who complete the training will be able to teach language and communication, social skills, daily living and adaptive skills, pre-academic skills, and more in a clinical or home setting. Organizations or professionals interested in the course can now access the 40-hour training through the company’s new website:

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Published on April 5, 2019