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MedCerts is proud to announce its newest IT program that is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to enter the lucrative and expanding world of computers. The 18-week program trains you as a Security & Network Technician and can also be used to advance your career.

It seems that nearly every day there is news of another security breach. As the holder of a CompTIA Security+ and Network+ Technician certifications, your skills will be in demand in a variety of industries. You'll learn how to implement the latest security practices, as well as how to effectively monitor and respond to any breach of operating systems, networks and applications, companies of all sizes will need your expertise.

The Network+ Certification enables you to maintain and validate a range of the latest networking technologies while providing support and network administration. A variety of learning formats, including courseware review, demo activities and hands-on labs, are utilized to provide you with an extensive knowledge base.

With access to course resources and instruction 24/7, the Security & Network Technician program provides you with the training that is needed for national certifications. Our MedCerts program is supported by some of the industry's top brands such as Dell, Microsoft, Novell and Hewlett-Packard and accepted in high-growth and in-demand sectors across the country. Encompassing three courses -- Microsoft Series III, Security and Network -- this certification helps you develop a solid foundation of skills that is backed by deep dives into the information and skills you'll need to be successful.

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Published on June 4, 2019