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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

The healthcare field continues to evolve, and each change creates more professional opportunities. If you're a detail-oriented person who loves helping others, consider a career as a medical scribe.

What Is a Medical Scribe?

A medical scribe works with physicians to create and maintain a patient's medical record. The record is a complete story of the patient's healthcare journey, including:

  • Interactions with the doctor

  • Procedures performed

  • Lab tests ordered and returned

Many scribes also take on other administrative tasks, like answering phones and collecting lab results.

Why Are Medical Scribes Important?

Patient medical records are a vital aspect of care, but they can be time-consuming for doctors.

Outpatient care physicians spend just 27% of their time interacting with patients. Nearly double that amount — 49% of physician time — goes to maintaining electronic health records and other administrative tasks.

Medical scribes take on some of that record-keeping and clerical work, letting doctors spend more time with patients. It's a rewarding career that pays a middle-of-the-road salary of $32,506 per year.

Why Train as a Medical Scribe With MedCerts?

MedCerts's medical scribe programs use technology to give hands-on education in a fully online environment. Students:

  • Navigate being a medical scribe in realistic virtual environments

  • Participate in scenario-based exercises with simulated patients and doctors, thanks to virtual human technology

  • Play games to practice and internalize essential job skill

Students also practice working with real-life electronic health records (EHR) systems, thanks to a partnership with MedTrak Learning.

Options for Medical Scribe Training

MedCerts offers three online programs for aspiring medical scribes. Each one prepares students for the Apprentice Medical Scribe Professional (AMSP) certification, a nationally recognized credential.

1. Medical Scribe Professional

This course prepares students for an entry-level role in healthcare administration. It includes three self-contained courses:

  • Professionalism in Allied Health

  • Introduction to Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology

  • Medical Scribe Essentials

The program is designed for students to complete in four months.

2. Medical Scribe and Administrative Professional

This five-month program prepares students to work in patient-facing roles as well as in the back office of medical practices. It includes all courses offered in the Medical Scribe Professional program, plus a course in medical office procedures and administration.

Students who complete this course can apply for the AMSP certification and the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) credential. Try this option if you want higher earning potential and opportunities beyond the scribe role.

3. Clinical Medical Assistant and Medical Scribe Professional

This eight-month program offers an even deeper grounding in healthcare support roles. It includes all four courses from the Medical Scribe and Administrative Professional program, with the addition of a 14-week course in Clinical Medical Assisting.

Students who finish this program can apply for the AMSP and CMAA certification as well as the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) credential. It's a good choice for candidates who want more patient-facing time and a higher income.

Getting Started as a Medical Scribe

The medical scribe role is a rewarding career option with growing employment opportunities. Across the United States, one out of every nine doctors employs a scribe.

Quality training is the best launchpad. MedCerts's education consultants are standing by to help you pick the right program, find the right payment or financing program, and get started. Reach out today and begin your journey.

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Published on January 24, 2022


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