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How to Pass the MCBC Medical Billing & Coding Certification Exam 

Are you an aspiring professional looking to launch your career as a coder in the healthcare field? Don't let the challenge of earning your medical billing and coding certification stand in your way.

With healthcare facilities projected to need an additional 12,000 medical billers and coders by the year 2031, this is a strategic time to get certified and start making a real difference in the lives of healthcare providers and patients. Though the certification and exams can be intimidating, you can easily overcome these with the proper preparation—here's what you need to know.

    What is Medical Billing and Coding?

    The healthcare industry uses medical billing and coding specialists to maintain consistent medical records.

    The profession involves standardizing healthcare information into a consistent format that can be used for reimbursement by insurance companies, government entities, and other organizations. Certified medical billers and coders are responsible for reviewing patient records, verifying accuracy, and entering codes into a computer system.

    Medical coders often work in the accounts receivable department of clinics, hospitals, and small practices. They must understand how to use special codes for patient visits, treatments, medications, and procedures for administrative compliance and accurate payment processing.

    Do You Need Certification To Be a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist?

    Keep in mind, medical billing and coding specialists have to understand vast collections of medical codes, procedural terminology, and coding procedures to do their jobs correctly.

    Employers will often require prospective medical coding professionals to have proper certification before they are allowed to work in their facility. This certification assures employers that you possess an appropriate level of professional knowledge and understanding of the job requirements.

    Additionally, the medical industry is constantly evolving with the speed of new technology and research. Since medical billing and coding are based on these changing regulations and medical services, staying up-to-date with the latest certifications is essential to remaining competitive in a tight job market.

    How Do You Get Certified as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist?

    To earn your MCBC certification, you must:

    • Meet the prerequisite requirements.

    • Take and pass the MCBC certification exam.

    • Renew your certification every two years.

    Prerequisite requirements for MCBC certification

    Before you can obtain your MCBC certification, there are a few things you'll need to check off your to-do list.

    1. All candidates have to be at least 18 years old and graduate high school or obtain a graduation equivalent diploma.

    2. All candidates must meet one of the following training and education conditions:

    • Option 1 - Graduate from an MCBC Training Program at an AMCA Approved Testing Site and pass the MCBC exam up to one year later.

    • Option 2 - Graduate from a training program taken at a non-AMCA Approved Test Site.

    • Option 3 - Have one year of full-time work experience in the medical billing and coding field and currently work in it.

    1. Last but not least, candidates must agree to and abide by the AMCA code of ethics.

    Passing the Medical Billing and Coding Exam

    Once you meet the prerequisite requirements for earning your certification, the next step is to pass the Medical Coding and Billing Certification Exam (MCBC).

    Issued by the American Medical Certification Association, the MCBC exam demonstrates your medical billing and coding competence to prospective employers. To pass the MCBC exam, you'll need to earn a passing score of 64% or higher.

    Click here for a complete guide to preparing for and passing the Medical Coding and Billing Certification Exam.

    Getting Recertified as an MCBC

    Every two years, you'll need to get recertified by the AMCA. While this may seem tedious, it benefits you as a professional in the long run.

    Recertification helps motivate you to stay on top of the industry's evolving trends and regulations to remain competitive.

    It also helps ensure that the certification is up to date with the latest industry best practices and standards, which will be taken into consideration when employers are looking for new medical billers and coders.

    Medical Billing and Coding Certification (MCBC) Exam Overview

    The Medical Coding and Billing Exam (MCBC) can be taken in person or online by qualified candidates. The cost for registration is waived for MedCerts students—otherwise, you'll have to pay a fee of $119.

    The exam has 100 questions spread across eight competencies:

    • Medical Terminology and Anatomy (11% of the exam)

    • CPT/HCPCS (17% of the exam)

    • ICD-10 (16% of the exam)

    • Types of Insurance (8% of the exam)

    • Billing Regulations (11% of the exam)

    • Reimbursement and Collections (12% of the exam)

    • Billing (16% of the exam)

    • Regulations and Guidelines (10% of the exam)

    You can access an in-depth look at what to expect on the exam in our in-depth exam guide, How To Prep For & Pass the Medical Billing Certification Exam.

    How To Register For the MCBC Exam

    Before you're allowed to register for the exam, you'll need to submit an application for approval. MedCerts students can do this for free with their instructors. Otherwise, you must submit a $25 fee with your exam registration application.

    Once approved, you can register for the MCBC exam on the AMCA website. Exams are available online with a virtual proctor or in person at select testing sites.

    Preparation: Online Medical Billing and Coding Certification Course

    To meet the eligibility requirements and build a comprehensive knowledge of the field, most candidates complete a billing and coding program or preparation course, such as the Medical Coder & Biller Certification Course offered by MedCerts.

    MedCerts is AMCA approved.

    MedCerts works diligently to ensure our preparation and training courses are aligned with The American Medical Certification Association's standards.

    The Medical Coder & Biller Certification Course offers you everything you need to know and more, including:

    • Thorough coverage of all eight competencies on the MCBC exam.

    • Instructors who can answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the course.

    • Exam prep: practice tests, quizzes, and more to help you prepare for the MCBC exam.

    • Flexible online access so you can learn wherever and whenever is most convenient.

    The MCBC course is all-inclusive.

    There are no surprise fees for course materials, registration, or exam fees for MedCerts students—that's all covered by your tuition. Plus, program costs are just a fraction of what colleges charge.

    Job-ready and certified in 3-6 months.

    Course materials are available on demand 24/7, 100% online, so that you can learn at your own pace and graduate in as little as 3-6 months. MedCerts helps you stay on track to pass your exam, earn your certification, and start your new medical coding and billing career.

    MCBC Medical Coding and Billing Certification FAQs

    Is it worth it to get certified in medical billing and coding?

    Absolutely. Certification can make you a more competitive job candidate when you're looking for medical billing and coding positions. Certification also ensures employers know you've taken the necessary steps to be well-versed in the field.

    Is it hard to pass the MCBC exam?

    The certification exam for medical coding and billing can be challenging, but certainly not impossible—over 70% of examinees passed in 2022. However, preparation and practice are vital for passing the exam, which is why MedCerts offers the Medical Coder & Biller Certification Course to help you succeed.

    Is billing and coding a lot of math?

    Math is not a significant component of the MCBC certification exam, although some basic math is involved in calculating patient payments and deductibles.

    Which certification is best for medical coding and billing?

    The American Medical Certification Association's MCBC certification is widely recognized and highly respected in the medical coding industry. With a comprehensive program like MedCerts’ certification course, you can gain the skills necessary to pass the MCBC exam and become certified.

    This is Your Sign—Take the First Step Towards a MCBC Certification

    You don't have to face the certification process alone. The MedCerts Medical Coder & Biller Certification Course can provide you with the knowledge, confidence, and credentials you need to start a new career in medical coding and billing—all for an affordable price. Learn more about the online Medical Coder & Bill Certification Course here.

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