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As a military spouse, you’re already used to the idea that you’ll need to move around to follow your spouse’s career. However, you may not be as well prepared to become an OCONUS military spouse. As you may already know, OCONUS stands for “Outside the Continental United States,” referring to any station outside the US.

As long as the US has overseas military bases, service members will be stationed abroad. Here’s what you need to know about becoming an OCONUS military spouse and how you can continue to pursue your own opportunities abroad.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Living Abroad

Living abroad is one of the best things you can do to broaden your horizons. Many military spouses enjoy their time at an OCONUS base for reasons like:

  • Getting to experience other cultures

  • Visiting new and exciting places

  • Learning a new language

Of course, there are some downsides to living outside the US, too, like:

  • Homesickness

  • Distance from the rest of your family

  • Difficulty pursuing your own career outside the US

To make the most of the situation, focus on solutions for these drawbacks. One great way to do so is by finding ways to continue your career despite living abroad.

Advancing Your Career as an Overseas Military Spouse

Military spouse career advancement can be tricky without help. That’s why it’s so important to work with a program like MedCerts that offers flexible online courses that can be taken anywhere in the world.

MedCerts provides fully online courses that offer training in IT and healthcare, some of the most portable and long-term careers available. With a MedCerts certification, when you return to the US, you’ll be prepared to step right into a job, whether working a remote IT position or entering a healthcare role.

Furthermore, MedCerts is approved by the MyCAA program, which offers funding to OCONUS military spouses looking for career training. You may be able to earn your certifications at no cost by applying for a MyCAA scholarship.

Some of the most popular programs for military spouses include MedCert’s:

All of these programs are approved by the MyCAA program and take place online, so you can pursue them anywhere to advance your career while abroad.

Getting started is easy. You can explore the many programs MedCerts offers and choose the courses that appeal to you based on your interests and financial needs. Then you can request more information or apply directly for the course that interests you. You can also work with a MedCerts specialist to help you apply for a MyCAA scholarship to ensure your education comes at no cost to you.

Make the Most of Your Time as an OCONUS Military Spouse

There are so many ways you can make your time abroad more meaningful. If you want to pursue military spouse career advancement, work with MedCerts to make your dreams a reality. Explore your educational options and take the first step towards advancing your career by getting in touch with the MedCerts team today.

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Published on September 1, 2022


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