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Life as a military spouse comes with its unique set of challenges. The Survey of Active Duty Spouses found more than half of military spouses aren’t satisfied with military life. Often, military spouses have to sacrifice various aspects of their lives as their spouses serve the country.  

Despite these hardships, military spouses have become resilient in adapting to new environments and finding solutions to constant change. Here is further insight into some military spouse challenges with a few tips on making the best of this lifestyle.

Frequent Relocations

On average, military families move every 2.5 years, disrupting established living routines. For instance, you leave behind a whole community of friends and family whom you’ve gotten used to over the years. The relocation also puts a financial strain on the family. Despite the military reimbursing the moving costs, you may incur out-of-pocket costs before settling into your new routine.

Fortunately, you can overcome these military spouse difficulties. Do some research on the new location to familiarize yourself with the area. This helps you prepare mentally and financially for the move. After settling in, join a club or take interesting classes with the local community. You’ll meet new friends while having fun in the process. For those you leave behind, you don’t have to disconnect from them completely. Update them regularly with calls and images of your new place to help you stay in touch.

Deployment Separation

Being separated from your spouse is a regular occurrence in the military. These deployments often take a toll on the mental well-being of the serviceman and the family. For the military spouse, you remain with constant worry concerning the safety of your loved one. Also, the kids experience temporary single parenting while one parent is off duty.

To cope with deployment separation, stay in touch with your partner as often as possible. Various ways to keep connected include:

  • Video or phone calls

  • Letters or emails

  • Care packages

Also, during this period, find a positive outlet to help you stay relaxed. Writing, exercising, meditating and volunteering are fulfilling activities that help relieve stress and pass time.

Career Challenges

Due to unemployment and frequent career changes, military spouses sometimes struggle to develop their careers. Factors contributing to career challenges include relocating frequently and needing higher education. Some employers may avoid employing military spouses permanently owing to this uncertainty.

You can enroll in MedCerts' online training programs to gain portable skills that are valuable to employers. Enrolling in MedCerts means you can access many MyCAA-approved programs, where you can get a total of $4000 – in increments up to $2000 per fiscal year – in scholarships to begin your portable training career path. You also have to be flexible and open to different types of jobs. With our numerous career paths, you can build a professional network despite being on the move.

Embrace the Military Lifestyle

While military spouse problems are challenging, they are opportunities for personal growth, resilience and adaptability. You get to meet new people and travel the world while supporting your partner in their noble service. Be a proud military spouse for the unique and valuable experience you gain.

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Published on June 27, 2023


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