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Moving every few years is a fact of life for military spouses. Regular relocation makes getting a degree or maintaining a career almost impossible. Unless you have a career that you can take with you.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the creation of remote work opportunities in industries where these types of jobs previously didn't exist. Military spouses can especially benefit from this workplace trend if they've got what it takes to land these roles.

3 Qualities a Great Military Spouse Job Must Have

If you're looking for military spouse career help, you should know that a great profession needs to meet at least three specific qualities. Here's a look at what they are.

1. Portability

Portability is arguably the single most important characteristic of careers for the spouses of active-duty military personnel. These skilled jobs typically involve tasks that can be done anywhere. For military spouses, a good portable job must:

  • Be in a high-demand, growing industry

  • Not be location-specific, meaning it's the same no matter where you're located

  • Be open to or accept trainees with only a high school diploma or GED

  • Be eligible for military or government-funded training programs

2. Flexibility

Working a flexible schedule is equally important. Periods of deployment are especially challenging if you don't have a local support system, and having flexible work hours can make these periods more manageable. You can take your child to the doctor or go grocery shopping in the middle of the day without being penalized for missing work.

3. Option to Work Remotely

A job that allows you to work from home is the best option for military spouses. In most cases, working remotely allows you to keep the same job, regardless of where you live. Some even allow you to live outside of the United States. Many of these jobs also provide equipment and training, and they can be extremely flexible, depending on the role.

Trending Jobs That Are Great for Military Spouses

The medical field is a great option for military spouses. With a majority of the population aging and the long-term effects of Covid-19 still unknown, nursing and pharmacy personnel are in high demand almost everywhere. Many of these medical careers require training, but the U.S. Department of Defense has allocated funds to help military spouses offset the costs of training. Some examples of careers approved for this program include:

  • Pharmacy technician

  • Phlebotomist, who specializes in drawing blood

  • Dental Assistant

  • Vet Assistant

  • Medical Biller

  • Medical Front Office Assistant

  • Health Unit Coordinator

Some of these jobs can also be done remotely. Medical billers, for example, prepare insurance claims after a patient is treated, while health unit coordinators manage patient records. Both of these jobs can be done from home or even on a freelance basis.

If the medical field doesn't interest you, careers in technology are also eligible for DoD funding. Cisco networking and IT helpdesk administration, for instance, are growing quickly, and those with technical skills will continue to be in high demand. These jobs can also be done remotely, usually from any location.

Being a military spouse doesn't have to keep you from having a career. You can complete certification for one of these professions in as little as 12 weeks and be on your way to a fulfilling, portable career.


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Published on November 15, 2021


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