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Military life can present many obstacles for you and your family, but your experience as a military spouse can enrich your career and provide new opportunities. Some of the challenges you face will build skills and traits that can make you a more valuable team member at work. Here are a few to consider. 


Adaptability is the name of the game for military spouses. New postings and tours on short notice mean quickly shifting to new environments or being alone. You’re used to and open to change, which helps you stay flexible and able to adjust.

This kind of openness and agility is invaluable in today’s workforce. Many industries are fast-paced with constant new updates to regulations, public health measures, technology, and standards. Being able to adapt, and to quickly and seamlessly shift your focus, are critical assets.

Ability to Work Under Pressure

You take on a lot of pressure and discomfort as a military spouse. There are so many unknowns and new experiences, which can create stress and demands. You know how to manage it well and adjust. This is a key skill as a worker since it’s rare to find a job that doesn’t have some amount of pressure. This can be especially true in the healthcare field.

Some positions, such as primary care technicians and medical assistants, deal directly with patient care, which means handling medications, daily care, or health emergencies. Being able to manage stress and take decisive action is important, and something you likely excel at.

Problem Solving

Military life makes you resourceful and self-sufficient, so you know how to be creative and find what you’re looking for in a new environment. Because of situations like moving to a new city and having to search for a new family doctor, pet sitter, or childcare provider alone, you’re used to solving problems.

Employers look for people who can be proactive and practice leadership in their roles. Being able to see a problem and find an efficient solution is a valuable skill and an asset for many jobs.

Following Procedure

Military procedure and protocol likely control a large part of your life. There are simply specific ways that things must be done and, as the military spouse, you also have to follow the procedures.

The civilian workplace is similar. There are protocols you must follow not only to do your job but also to manage health and safety and maintain professionalism and ethics at work. Procedures help workers know exactly what to do and when, and your ability to follow procedures will set you up for success.

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Published on December 20, 2021


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