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Being a student is exciting, but it has its ups and downs. Some days you feel like you could take on the world. Other days, it seems like the world might win.

That's completely normal. In school and the working world, no one feels confident 100 percent of the time. But there are things you can do to stay positive and perform at your best.

Start with these five tips to be a more confident student:

1. Eat Healthy Food

A healthy diet gives you the energy and brain power you need to study. Make sure you're consuming enough mood-boosting foods like lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. The more energy and focus you have, the more productive you'll be.

Seek out foods high in vitamins B and D and the mineral selenium. Research has connected these nutrients with better mood, which is the first step to confidence and success.

Plus, when you choose to eat better, you show yourself that you matter. Putting good things in your body is a way of caring for yourself and believing in your potential.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Wondering how to be a more productive student? Close the book and go to bed.

Research shows that students who sacrifice sleep have lower grades and more mental health challenges. If you want to succeed and feel confident, you need to sleep enough and sleep well.

"Binging" on sleep doesn't count — you must keep a consistent sleep schedule throughout your course.

3. Plan Ahead

Finding time to study can be anxiety-inducing. Make a plan so you know when you'll be sitting down to write that paper or watch that lecture.

Schedule more time than you think you'll need at first. If you find that you work faster, you can always shorten your study blocks.

It's easier if you study with a course provider like MedCerts, where all lectures are on-demand, and 24/7 support is available. You can schedule study time whenever it works with your lifestyle.

4. Set Achievable Goals

Education can feel like a series of big asks — finish this multi-week course; write this lengthy paper. Make it less intimidating by breaking each big task into smaller ones. Then set a goal for achieving it.

For example, if you're in a three-course program like MedCerts's Medical Billing Specialist, look at your schedule and figure out when you can finish each course. Then, look at the course plan and set targets for each assignment. When you reach your target, reward yourself!

5. Take Breaks

It's easy to feel like you have to be on-task constantly, especially when you're working while in school. But to learn most effectively, you have to take breaks.

A recent study showed that when students take rest time, their brains use that time to reinforce their learning skills. That leisurely walk after class may feel like an indulgence, but it actually helps your grades.

Becoming a More Confident Student

Education is challenging — but so is everything else worth doing. Take care of yourself and know that you've got this. You're putting in the time, and that's most of the battle!

Portrait of Julie Campos
Written by Julie Campos
Senior Director of Operations and Student Success

Julie Campos is the Senior Director of Operations and Student Success at MedCerts. She brings over 14 years of experience in Online Higher Education in both Student Support and Enrollment and started her career at the University of Phoenix, serving most of her tenure as a student-facing leader.

Julie has her Bachelors of Liberal Arts in Political Science from the University of Texas at El Paso, and her Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Her areas of expertise are student support in online higher education environments and working with nontraditional students. At MedCerts, she is focused on creating a pro-active student central support model for MedCerts students to reach their goals and has developed the MedCerts Student Support and Outreach Model, created MedCerts Student Success Advisor reports and Dashboards, as well as the Student Success Advisor Playbook. Her proactive approach to student support has been crucial in meeting MedCerts’ student’s needs, as well as completion and certification goals.

Julie has three children – a 10-year-old son and 12- and 4-year-old daughters, who keep her and her husband busy with sports. She is also an avid crafter with an entire room of her home dedicated to the hobby. In her free time, she enjoys teaching wreath making and even has a few “how-to” YouTube videos on the subject!

Published on August 3, 2022


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