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It’s been a BIG YEAR here at MedCerts. In the past nine months, we’ve launched two major tools that will directly and positively impact the outcomes of our certification programs – our Cohort Learning Model and our Career Center.

These new resources can directly benefit organizations by upskilling students to fill the nation’s job-related vacancies, especially in the areas of healthcare and IT, and fill employer and recruiter’s talent pipelines.

In November 2021, we hosted a webinar "NEW Tools Impacting Student Outcomes with Non-Credit Certification Programs" with leadership from our operations, student services, and workforce development teams to walk through these tools and show the many ways they will benefit students, workforce offices, and hiring organizations.

This presentation, hosted by MedCerts VP of Workforce Development, Rafael Castaneda, provided a deep dive into how our Career Center and Cohort Learning Tool will:

  • Improve program outcomes

  • Equip students with the skills to find a career post-certification

  • Directly impact your organization at no additional cost

If you missed the webinar, we've recorded it for you to watch below.

MedCerts EVP of Operations and Student Success Kelly Hover started by explaining the Cohort Learning Tool. Watch her insights here:


Next, our Director of Career Services Sharon Balke walked through the Career Center and all its features, watch the tour below:


To learn more about how you and your organization can benefit from MedCerts certification training and tools, fill out the form at the top of the page and one of our presenters will reach out with more info.

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Published on November 8, 2021