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Even when armed with the best intentions and meticulous planning, it can be difficult for you to stay motivated in work, school and in the pursuit of your personal goals.

In the face of overwhelming distractions, studies show that college students are struggling to stay motivated now more than ever.

The most prevalent challenges among the surveyed student pool included:

  • Motivation: 79% of surveyed students struggled to stay engaged with school

  • Resources: 55% were unable to find a sufficiently quiet place for schoolwork

  • Balance: 54% found it difficult to find a good school/life balance

  • Support: 45% struggled to connect with their online resources

  • Illness: 45% didn't feel well enough to attend online classes

  • Career: 31% struggled to fit schoolwork into their work schedule

These challenges are all too common and can be hugely detrimental to your productivity. Fortunately, this is where the psychology of motivation can help!

If you feel bogged down by any or all of the challenges above, check out these motivational tips:

1. Visualize Your Goals

Research indicates that visualizing your future can provide you with a serious dose of inspiration. It is easy to feel trapped by the stresses of your current situation, but keeping an eye toward your future goals is the key to keeping yourself motivated.

Re-focus your motivations by writing out your goals, creating a virtual vision board, or simply taking a few minutes to breathe and dream

2. Use a Timer

If you find yourself losing hours to sluggish moods, use a productivity timer to set fire to your day.

Using a timer dangles a metaphorical carrot — which can be a much-needed break — in front of you as a way to spark motivation for the task at hand.

3. Keep a To-Do List

Using a to-do list not only helps keep you motivated — it fortifies your memory, too!

When you summarize your upcoming tasks, you are providing your brain with an additional opportunity to memorize your obligations. This creates a stronger sense of internal motivation and offers you the opportunity to cross items off of your list, which is satisfying for everyone!

4. Give Yourself a Reward

If you’re wondering how to get and stay motivated, one of the most effective tactics is designating a task-oriented reward for yourself. This may seem silly, but self-rewarded treats will function as powerful incentives to complete your challenging tasks.

Whether it is a favorite snack, a binge-worthy television show or a much-needed nap, choose a prize that is desirable enough to push you out of your midday slump.

5. Focus on the Positive

When it comes to managing your motivation, put yourself in the driver’s seat.

The next time you’re struggling to find inspiration, try positive self-talk. This is a great method to spark productivity from within yourself. You can utilize positive self-talk to boost your confidence, manage stress and regain your footing when you feel lost in your studies.

Positive self-talk can take the form of:

  • Spoken mantras

  • Written affirmations

  • Daily meditations

  • Vision boards

There are many types of positive thinking and self-talk, but the most important factor is that it works for you.

In the search for the best methods to keep you motivated in school, don’t be afraid to experiment with new tactics and switch up your schedule.

While there is psychology in motivation, there is no single formula that works for everyone. The key is to use the strategies that keep you inspired and hungry for more!

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Published on February 16, 2021