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A medical scribe helps doctors spend less time doing paperwork and more time with their patients. One in nine doctors in the U.S. currently employs a scribe, and more are realizing the value of scribes every single day.

To better serve your needs, MedCerts offers three different programs through which aspiring medical scribes may earn their certification: Medical Scribe Professional, Medical Scribe & Administrative Professional, and Clinical Medical Assistant & Scribe Professional.

Medical Scribe Professional

MedCerts's Medical Scribe Professional program gives students who are new to the medical profession everything they need to take on an entry-level administrative role in allied health. It also provides experienced healthcare professionals an opportunity to expand their skills. Throughout the program, you'll work closely with physicians to gain a thorough knowledge of medical administration, meticulous attention to detail, and all the tech skills necessary to carry out an administrative role in a clinical setting.

Students who complete this four-month program will be ready to take their Medical Scribe Certification exam. If they pass, the students will receive an Apprentice Medical Scribe Professional (AMSP) credential. The program costs $3,200 and includes three courses:

  • Professionalism in Allied Health

  • Introduction to Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology

  • Medical Scribe Essentials

Medical Scribe and Administrative Professional

MedCerts's Medical Scribe and Administrative Professional program has everything included in the Medical Scribe Professional program, along with an additional course — Medical Office Procedures and Administration. The purpose of this additional course is to grant students the skills necessary to receive a Medical Administrative Assistant Certification ( CMAA), which opens the door to higher earning power and a wider variety of administrative opportunities. This program takes five months to complete and costs $4,000.

Clinical Medical Assistant and Medical Scribe Professional

MedCerts's Clinical Medical Assistant and Medical Scribe Professional program covers everything included in the Medical Scribe and Administrative Professional program and an additional course, called Clinical Medical Assisting. In this additional course, students will prepare for certification as a clinical medical assistant (CCMA), empowering them to take on clinical roles in addition to administrative ones.

This program is for students who want to make a big splash as allied health professionals by developing expanded administrative and clinical skills. The duration of this program is eight months, and it costs $6,000.

Join a Growing Industry

Holding healthcare credentials is a reliable way to ensure steady employment in a fulfilling career. With the expansion of electronic medical documentation, medical scribe is becoming the fastest-growing job in the medical industry.

MedCerts offers a reliable path to certification for anyone looking for a medical scribe course. and our flexible program options are designed to help you get whatever certification you need for the job. Whether you are a nonmedical professional looking to change careers, a healthcare professional wanting to expand your credentials and skillset, or a new graduate trying to get your foot in the door — MedCerts has the right program for you.

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Published on January 3, 2022


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