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The COVID-19 pandemic caused many professionals to rethink their careers and goals. Unemployment has been high, and more people are quitting their jobs than ever before to make a transition or reevaluate their priorities.

Going back to school means you can round out your education and skillset to take on a new or advanced job. Even if you already have a degree or certification, stacking up your credentials can help you widen your pool of options to find the right fit. This may mean heading to MedCerts to build up your certifications in IT or healthcare.

If you wonder, “Should I go back to school?” here’s a look at the benefits of stacking up and three great reasons to get certified with MedCerts.

Benefits of Stacking Up Credentials

So, why consider stacking up certifications? Here are a few benefits of going back to school:

Be More Competitive

The more education and experience you have, the more competitive you’ll be in the job market. For instance, if you have a certification that another candidate doesn’t have, like an IT or healthcare certificate, that alone could help an employer decide to hire you over the other person.

Score a Better Salary

You can also scale up your salary with another certification. A program could teach you the necessary skills to take a higher-level job, instead of working for a few years to gain that same experience.

More Opportunities

You will widen your job options substantially when you have additional certifications. You can make a lateral move to a new position or industry if you choose, or go for a position above your current one. You’ll have a better-rounded education that’s adaptable.

3 Reasons to Stack Up with MedCerts

So, why MedCerts? When you want to grow in your industry or open more professional options, MedCerts provides the steps to get it done. Here are three good reasons to go with MedCerts:

1. High-Quality, One-on-One Support

You’re not just a face in the crowd at MedCerts. Programs provide high-quality training and one-on-one support so you can get the most out of your training.

2. Hands-On, Experiential Training

MedCerts programs put you in the driver’s seat. You’ll gain lots of hands-on experience while training, so you’re ready to start a position once you complete the program.

3. Alumni Get 40% Off

One of the biggest perks of MedCerts is that alumni can come back for more and get 40% off future programs. This means it’s easier than ever for you to stack credentials and expand your opportunities.

Stackable Career Programs at MedCerts

MedCerts has several programs that are perfect for stacking credentials. In the information technology world, the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification is a gateway to many different jobs in the IT sector. You’ll get all the basics of IT, then be able to get certified in other CompTIA areas. Similarly, the PC Technician program from MedCerts helps you get the A+ credential from CompTIA, opening the door for several different career paths within the IT industry.

If you’re looking to grow your healthcare career, a great foundation to start with is a Clinical Medical Assistant certification, where you’ll learn the front and back office skills of a healthcare facility. Stack that with phlebotomy or EKG technician training to level up. Another great foundational is a Sterile Processing Technician certification, which can be stacked with our new Surgical Technologist program to create a comprehensive resume for a surgical career.

MedCerts offers many more online education programs and credentialing for jobs within the healthcare and IT industries, so check out all of our options today.

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Published on May 11, 2022


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