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With hospitals across the country struggling to find skilled workers, many organizations are turning to innovative healthcare staffing solutions to fill open positions. Hospital staffing agencies and robust hiring programs can help address healthcare staffing shortages, but they can’t ensure that new employees will be highly skilled and well suited to their roles.

Effective staffing isn’t just about hiring quickly, it’s about finding excellent entry-level employees who you know you can count on.

What to Look for in an Entry-Level Employee

Many entry-level workers are trying to launch new careers and may not have direct field experience. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't have any relevant and demonstrable skills to show.

Even if they've never worked in the healthcare industry before, new employees should be able to demonstrate a track record of reliability. Maybe they demonstrated that by showing up to the same job every day in high school or by getting perfect attendance in a WIOA program. No matter their personal or professional background, your candidates should be able to prove that you can count on them to show up with their A-game every single day.

Another factor to consider is certification from a training program like MedCerts. Going through a certification program is a sign that your candidate is passionate about the industry and willing to go above and beyond. These candidates will be your go-getters, and you can rely on them to be committed to their work from day one.

MedCerts has a proven track record of producing highly skilled entry-level employees. Our online training courses provide these candidates both the soft skills and technical skills necessary to hit the ground running once you hire them. That means you can get through job training more quickly and rely on your new employees as soon as you need to.

Asking the Right Questions to Evaluate Candidates

Asking the right questions can help you find candidates who might not stand out based on resume alone. The right entry-level candidates who have a natural knack for problem-solving and responsibility, even if they’ve never been in a healthcare position before.

Behavior-oriented questions that ask how candidates would respond in certain situations can give you insight into their decision-making skills and understanding of the industry. Strong candidates will respond using the STAR Method. This not only shows that they cared enough to prepare well for the job interview, but that they will be proactive and level headed in situations where they need to think on their feet—a critical skill for any healthcare worker.

Solve Your Healthcare Staffing Problems Today

MedCerts offers comprehensive workforce development courses that prepare our graduates to enter the healthcare industry seamlessly. Graduates of MedCerts programs possess the communication, critical thinking and technical skills needed to excel in your entry-level healthcare positions.

By working with a specialized online training program, you can effectively seek out skilled entry-level workers who have proven themselves to be dedicated to and knowledgeable about the healthcare industry. Get in touch today to see how MedCerts can help you combat healthcare staffing issues now and into the future.

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Published on July 22, 2020