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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Wish there were a step-by-step manual for being the spouse of an active service member? While there are a lot of things to figure out on your own, starting a remote career doesn't have to be one of them.

You are uniquely positioned to take advantage of an opportunity known as MyCAA, or My Career Advancement Account. As a military spouse, you may be entitled to support through this government program to help you learn the skills and credentials necessary to be professionally successful — regardless of your family's next permanent change of station.

You may qualify for up to $4,000 with a MyCAA grant to pay for online classes, certification exams, and licensure for a new career. Best of all, many of these careers offer a growing number of job openings all over the world — if you follow the right steps.

Step 1: Create a MyCAA Account

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a MyCAA account. This will help you determine whether you are eligible for the program, which provides assistance with training, education, and employment.

MyCAA is specifically for spouses of service members who are on active duty with the following pay grades:

  • E-1 to E-5
  • W-1 to W-2
  • O-1 to O-2

You also qualify if you're married to someone who is a member of the National Guard and Reserve Components if they're in the same pay grade.

Step 2: Search MyCAA-Approved Careers

Only certain industries and trades are career fields that can be funded through MyCAA. Part of the reasoning for the limitation is practical: certain fields, like Health & Human Services and Information Technology, are projected to have a greater demand for certified professionals than others.

Search MyCAA approved programs approved programs to begin understanding the certificates and skills necessary for your new portable career.

Step 3: Start Exploring Programs

You have to be able to start the class while your spouse (or military sponsor) is on Title 10 military orders. Since those are always subject to change, you'll want to find a program that's focused on your success. Only specific programs are approved by MyCAA.

Step 4: Find a School

You may find similar programs that match your goals within different approved MyCAA schools. Not all schools offer the same, high-quality programs. To narrow down your list, look for:

  • Strong student support services
  • Proven history of student success
  • Post-training job placement tools
  • All-inclusive pricing

Step 5: Connect With a School Advisor

Reputable schools connect students with one-on-one advisors who can help craft a plan to complete their training and land a job. MedCerts has education consultants and 1-1 student support who help you through your program and prepare you for a career.

Step 6: Apply for Assistance

Once you've followed the steps to plan out your career transition and expansion, you're ready to apply for financial assistance online through MyCAA.

It can be exciting to begin studying for a new career path, but don’t forget to stay organized: the added responsibilities that come with a new career will require a quiet place and scheduled time to work. To get started, schedule a meeting with a MedCerts education consultant today.

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Published on October 27, 2020