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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Behind the scenes of every busy operating room, there’s a team making sure that the surgical instruments are properly cleaned and prepared for sterile use. These professionals store, deliver, clean, sterilize and check the reusable tools that surgeons need to do their job.

The Sterile Processing Technician program can train you to become one of these professionals. Recently introduced by MedCerts, the program can get you ready to work in a busy hospital in as quick as 13 weeks. 

Are You a Good Candidate for the Program?

The Sterile Processing Technician program is appropriate for any high school graduate or GED recipient who’s interested in a fulfilling and meaningful career in a hospital or surgical facility. Those with and without healthcare experience are welcome to enroll.

The course costs an average of $4,000 out of pocket, which students can pay upfront or through a 4, 6 or 12-month payment plan if they qualify. There may also be grant money available for military spouses, active duty service members and WIOA-eligible job seekers.

What Can You Expect as a MedCerts Student?

The Sterile Processing Technician program from MedCerts features three courses:

  • The Customer Service Professional course, where you will learn the skills you need to work with vendors, administrators and the many others with whom sterile processing technicians interact
  • Introduction to Human Anatomy and Terminology, which students need to succeed in a healthcare environment
  • Sterile Processing, which teaches the essential hands-on skills of the career—including decontamination and disinfection, inventory management and quality control

The program is fully online and includes 12 eLearning components to maximize student engagement. These include:

  • Recorded video lectures with expert demonstrations
  • 3D interactive training elements—including game-based exercises, interactive activities, and immersive simulation environments
  • Regular evaluations to gauge student understanding

The course ends with a comprehensive knowledge assessment, designed to make sure that you’ve learned what you need to know to succeed at work. Once you successfully complete this assessment, you’re ready to apply for certification.

What Credentials You Can Earn?

Students who complete the Sterile Processing Technician program are eligible for two certifications.

One is the Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP) credential, issued by the International Customer Service Association. You achieve certification as a CCSP once you’ve finished the week-long customer service component of the program.

The other would make you a Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST). This one comes from the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (formerly IAHCSMM), which has been certifying sterile processing technicians for 60 years.

You can apply for a CRCST certification after you finish the course and complete 400 hours of hands-on experience, through either paid or volunteer work.

How Do You Get Started?

MedCerts is ready to support you throughout your journey to becoming a sterile processing technician. You’ll receive a comprehensive personalized orientation, a one-on-one student support specialist, and on-demand subject matter help when you need it. You’ll even get exam prep support to get you ready to qualify for your credential.

To learn more, check out the complete description of the Sterile Processing Technician program or speak with a MedCerts Education Consultant.

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Published on November 2, 2020