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DETROIT, Mich., 14 November 2019 -- MedCerts, a leader in online career certification training, is working with American Job Centers across the country to train individuals for in-demand industries. By connecting local job data and MedCerts online training, workforce agencies have a better chance of credentialing and employment outcomes for residents.

With the newest graduates from the JOB1 and Ochsner Health System program in Louisiana, over 3,300 American Job Center students have graduated from a MedCerts Career Training Program. Each student received funding from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act to pay for their MedCerts training and employment placement support. The Ochsner Health System graduating class went through the MedCerts ASHP/ACPE Accredited Pharmacy Technician program with a 90% completion rate, and 100% employment for graduating students.

“Our partnerships with MedCerts as well as the American Job Center, which is JOB1 here in New Orleans, has been tremendous,” said Shannon Joseph, the Director of Workforce Development at Ochsner Health System. “Being able to work with partners externally and internally to produce programs that will get individuals trained quickly, trained appropriately, and at little or no cost absolutely helps us with our bottom line.”

MedCerts creates strategic partnerships with workforce managers to explore high-demand opportunities for their clients in each area. As a result, MedCerts programs are improving outcomes for American Job Center clients in these industries. The programs use a hybrid training model centered on three pillars: recruit, train, and place.

“All types of training grants: hybrid, adult, dislocated worker, re-entry, and youth-focused, all have one thing in common – the need for meaningful employment outcomes,” said Sandy Mead, National Director of Workforce Development at MedCerts. “This partnership will allow the participants to not only get a job but begin a career in high growth, high demand fields.”

The New Orleans program is filling vacancies with Pharmacy Technician online career training through MedCerts, and on-the-job externships at Ochsner Health System – a partnership facilitated by Job1. MedCerts continues to pioneer the way students learn and employers hire by creating new education models that don’t burden individuals with student debt.

“We’re focused on the Department of Labor directive of credentialing and outcomes, which leads to providing better service to both partners and students,” said Jason Aubrey, MedCerts CEO. “Our new Employer Pursuit Team looks for strategic partnerships with our regional workforce offices and healthcare partners in their area.”

The New Orleans-based partnership was one of a few pilot programs that proved the value of this educational model. Now, MedCerts is looking to scale this initiative to fill healthcare employment gaps in more cities across the country. To learn more and connect with MedCerts about their partnership programs, please visit:

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MedCerts is a national online career training and job assistance school. The eLearning school helps students gain entry to new careers by building the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for certification in healthcare, IT and other emerging in-demand fields. MedCerts delivers certification and career training through HD-quality video-based instruction, virtual simulations, games and animations, and on-the-job training. Students receive individualized support, with daily progress monitoring and progress reports, exam preparation support, and career services on their path to employment. Since 2009, the company has trained over 18,000 students. For more information, visit:

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Published on November 14, 2019