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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

You want your clients to feel fully supported in their career training. You also want career training that is going to align with your workforce processes and help the most clients succeed. MedCerts focuses on providing that support for students and our workforce partners and our April Workforce Webinar Support From Start to Finish covered all the ways we do that.

This presentation gave a brief recap of who MedCerts is and what we do, broke down how we support students from enrollment through career and detailed how we support our workforce partners. Watch the concise 15-minute presentation below or read on for more details.

Some highlights from the presentation:


Ingrid Sjostrand, MedCerts Communications Manager

Julie Campos, MedCerts Manager of Student Support

About MedCerts

  • MedCerts has been in the online education business for over 10 years and has helped over 25,000 individuals – including 3,300 workforce students – enroll in our programs and find better careers

  • In the last few years, we’ve experienced 40% organic annual growth. This really rapid growth allowed us to join the K12 (Stride Learning) family in 2020

  • We are on the ETPL approved training provider list in 26 states and have a goal of expanding to 15 more states by the end of 2021. Connect with a MedCerts Regional Workforce Manager in your state here.

Student Support

  • Enrollment: Each workforce participant is assigned a personal Admissions Advisor. Their goal is to really find out what’s best for that participant and set them up for success.

- There is also a focus on expectations for the program – how many hours a week they need to dedicate, how long a program is and how many certifications exams will they need to take.

  • Active Student Support: Hands-on personal Student Success Advisors are there from day 1 to provide program-specific insight and motivation for students.

    - Our data-driven approach to learning ensures no student is left behind. Advisors don’t have to guess if a student needs a call – they can see when they last made progress, where they are related to their goal or if they're struggling with knowledge assessments.

    • Career Services: Our team of Career Coaches, Clinical Externship Coordinators and Employer Partnership Reps ensure students have the tools they need to find a career in their field.

      - Our goal is to teach students “to fish” – we don’t want to just help them get a job, we want them to be set up with skills for a lifelong career.

      Workforce Partner Support

      • Case Manager Support: We have two sets of individuals focused directly on supporting our workforce partners – Regional Workforce Managers and Workforce Liaisons. They ensure you are up-to-date on your participant's progress and can help create blended learning opportunities with local employers.

      • Case Manager Services: With bi-weekly progress reports, student moment alerts and recruitment support, like local press outreach, case managers can feel supported working with MedCerts.

      To learn more about MedCerts and our student or workforce support, reach out to the Regional Workforce Manager in your area. Find their information here.

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      Published on April 29, 2021