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Healthcare employment shows no signs of slowing down, and that’s great news if you’re considering a career in this field. So how do you choose?

Finding your ideal career direction starts with following your passions, but it also means understanding your personality. You might assume a career in healthcare is ideal for extroverts, with the bustling office setting and lively communication that often characterizes the job. But there are plenty of opportunities for introverts, too.

Here are three of the best healthcare careers for introverts that MedCerts can help you prepare for.

Electronic Health and Medical Records Specialist

Not all healthcare jobs need to focus on community interaction. What if you’re an introvert who likes helping others from afar? If you have an eye for organization and love data, you might find the right fit as an Electronic Health and Medical Records Specialist.

In this role, you’ll maintain electronic patient health records, verify clinical documentation, audit patient data, release medical requests according to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance and complete other vital duties.

Electronic health and medical records are the backbone of the healthcare system. By maintaining record quality and helping protect patients’ information, you’re connecting people to reliable data and quality healthcare decisions.

Professional Coding & Billing Specialist

Are you looking for other high-paying medical jobs for introverts? Check out a career as a Professional Coding & Billing Specialist, a role that’s big on matching, organization and accuracy. So whether you love memory card games or excel at strategy games like Chess or Mahjong, a medical coding and billing career might be a natural match for you.

After earning MedCerts certification as a Professional Coding & Billing Specialist, you’ll support the physician’s office or medical facility with coding patients’ services, treatments and diagnoses. Accurate coding ensures accurate claims – and satisfaction all around.

You’ll also use coding to create medical billing claims for insurance providers and other payers. By tracking the claim history, you’ll ensure payments come in as needed. It’s a big role, but with your strong focus and love of organization, you can shine in this career.

Sterile Processing Technician

Some of the best healthcare careers for introverts require analytical thought and concentration. A career as a Sterile Processing Technician is one example.

In this professional role, you’re responsible for maintaining sterile equipment, instruments and devices in medical clinics and surgery centers. You’ll collect used equipment, sterilize each piece according to strict protocol and set out equipment ahead of medical procedures.

During your work day, you’ll also maintain the inventory, reorder supplies as needed and remove medical waste to keep areas clean. Sterile operations are essential in a healthcare setting, and your role as a Sterile Processing Technician will help you serve patients in this critical way.

Carve Your Path With High-Paying Medical Jobs for Introverts

You love the idea of working in the lucrative, ever-expanding healthcare field, but you also prefer time to think quietly and dive into the task at hand. With some of the best healthcare careers for introverts, you can combine these interests.

MedCerts has industry-leading training to get you where you need to be, with immersive programs that get you job-ready in less time. Get started today!

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Written by Dana Janssen
Chief Product Officer

Dana has over twenty (20) years’ experience in Allied Healthcare and Education, and currently serves as the Chief Product Officer for MedCerts where he is responsible for product vision and strategy, research, and development.

Dana joined MedCerts upon its founding in 2009, and has led the research, development, and production of the entire catalog of programs that have helped MedCerts transform the distance learning landscape. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and innovative instructional design practices, Dana and his team have pioneered the development of the MedCerts 12 Elements of eLearning. Each MedCerts program contains a proprietary blend of these engaging, interactive, and entertaining elements that effectively accommodate learners of all types. Dana is deeply in-tune with the needs of today’s healthcare employers and is an expert in careers and certifications related to allied health.

Dana holds a Bachelor of Science in Education (BS) degree from Valparaiso University, and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Davenport University. Dana is an avid sports fan and in his free time enjoys mountain biking, woodworking, knifemaking, and spending time with his family and pets.

Published on July 24, 2023


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