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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

With today’s schedules, everything has to be flexible. Education is no different, and that’s why flex model learning has dominated the back-to-school online market.

Whenever someone is looking to start a new career, there’s nothing more important than quality job training. Undoubtedly, searching for ideal programs can make you feel more uptight than flexible. This is especially true if you qualify for workforce assistance funds. It’s a big opportunity to step up your career.

That’s precisely why flex model learning, just one of the MedCerts benefits, is so valuable. One way to educate yourself on anything is to ask the 5 W’s: who, what, where, when, and why. Here’s a look at how that applies to flex model learning.

What Is It?

Flex model learning is completed 100% online, with no set lesson times that allow students to complete their work according to their schedule. Learning throughout the day or week is possible, with the timing customized for each student. It is the digital version of traditional learning, which usually takes place with in-person teachers.

Flex model learning also offers job training in a fun way, with 3D learning tools, videos, and online quizzes to ensure students stay on track.

What Is It Beneficial?

There are plenty of good reasons to take advantage of online employment training, especially during economic downturns. The flex model learning methods make the process easier by:

  • Avoiding the need for transportation

  • Scheduling around existing responsibilities

  • Available anywhere in the world with an internet connection

  • Allowing students to work at their own pace

  • Leveling the playing field with an online structure

  • Providing support to ensure student success

Where Can I Find Flex Learning Programs?

Flex learning programs are available through MedCerts, an online educational institution that accepts many kinds of government grants to underwrite job training costs. They provide the training needed for certificates, and other required learning for in-demand jobs in industries like healthcare and information technology.

When Should I Apply?

Students interested in flex model learning can talk with an admissions advisor at MedCerts, who can discuss the next steps to start a dream career path. These experts can clarify how the whole process works and how the online training is designed using the 12 elements of eLearning.

Then, you’ll know that you’ve enrolled in the proper training that will be accessible and effective in moving you forward professionally.

Who Is It For?

The best part about job training using flex model learning is that it is available to anyone. It doesn’t matter if a person is a military spouse looking for a remote career or someone who qualifies for other job training assistance to launch their professional journey. Students can be of any age and live anywhere in the world.

All students must do is have a willingness and drive to complete the training and take advantage of the opportunities online learning colleges like MedCerts can offer.

Make an Educated Decision

When you’re ready to go back to school to launch or develop a career, you’ll want to do your due diligence. To make an educated decision, it may help to talk with an experienced advisor. Schedule your call online today.

Portrait of Sandy Mead
Written by Sandy Mead
National Director of Workforce Development

Sandy Mead has over 22 years of experience in the workforce development space and helps MedCerts create career opportunities and build relationships with workforce offices.

As the National Director of Workforce Development, Sandy partners with workforce offices across the country to assist in the WIOA requirements of providing skills gained and national credentials to increase successful career pathways. She has been instrumental in increasing performance data outcomes and helping participants achieve credentials to enhance employment.

Published on September 28, 2022


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