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Concerned about staffing levels at your healthcare organization? You’re not alone. In a 2018 survey of healthcare leaders, 31% of responders expressed an inability to find enough candidates. More than 20% said that when HR does find candidates, those new hires’ qualifications aren’t always trustworthy.

It’s not okay to hire subpar candidates when patients’ health and well-being are on the line, nor is it an option to leave patient floors and offices short-staffed—but this is not a no-win situation.

If you’re ready for some new healthcare staffing solutions, read on.

3 Opportunities to Develop Healthcare Staffing Solutions

These opportunities can get you the staff members you need, without requiring you to compromise on quality.

1. Personalized Training for Qualified Workers

Even a short-staffed medical center has employees with potential to advance. Those workers may not currently be trained to fill job vacancies, but have the right personality and are fully capable of taking on new positions. So why not train them?

Training an internal candidate can be much easier and more efficient than hiring from the outside. You already know the person’s demeanor and working style, so you don’t have to take a gamble on fit. Because you’re familiar with the candidate’s capabilities, you can train them more efficiently for the right job.

MedCerts offers a variety of healthcare training solutions for internal candidates, from fast-tracked exam prep for certification to more comprehensive individualized training—including on-the-job experience.

2. Apprenticeships

New healthcare professionals usually need to complete on-the-job training before they can start a full-time position. Companies that provide training have an advantage in the hiring process because they can teach the trainee while also getting to know each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

Many health centers now host apprenticeships and make the practice part of their healthcare staffing solutions. Apprenticeships let developing healthcare professionals build the workplace experience they need to finish their training and get certified. The trainees get paid for their service, while the host company gets the staff they need.

MedCerts makes it easy and convenient for healthcare organizations to host apprenticeships. As a registered provider, MedCerts serves as a company’s intermediary with the Department of Labor—monitoring standards and the apprentice’s progress. The organization can stay focused on serving their patients.

3. Reliable Vetting

The old system of placing an ad and waiting for someone to respond is on its way out, at least in the healthcare field. Community colleges don’t generate enough graduates to keep up with demand, and an organization can’t always know the quality of a candidate’s training school.

It’s smart to build a relationship with a training school that you know. MedCerts’s partnership program helps organizations to do just that. As a MedCerts partner, you get priority access to graduates, interns, externs and job shadowing candidates—all of whom have completed a high-quality program.

MedCerts also offers marketing and recruiting services. We’ll help you find job candidates or even recruit people who aren’t qualified yet, then train them.

Thinking Outside the Box

Today, healthcare organizations need to explore all healthcare staffing solutions at their disposal. Internal training, apprenticeships and training school partnerships can bring you candidates that you might not have met otherwise. You can learn more about these options, and many others, by speaking with a MedCerts representative.

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Published on December 17, 2020