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Computers are a part of almost every aspect of your life. You probably use one for work and have one in your home. But computers aren’t perfect. PCs often break down, require upgrades, or need to be supplemented with new hardware and software to include further advances. That’s where a PC technician comes in. PC technicians are responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing computers. Understandably, this is a job field with quite a high amount of demand.

Have you always wanted to learn how to become a PC technician but never had the time? Don’t worry. MedCerts is here to help with this quick and nifty guide.

Skills Needed To Be a PC Technician

If you love computers or have an unquenchable urge to open things up and figure out how they work, a career as a PC technician might be the right call for you. PC technicians are both computer buffs and problem solvers, so the skills needed for this job are a combination of people skills and tech skills, including:

  • Active listening and communication skills

  • Analytical skills

  • Computer diagnostics and troubleshooting experience

  • Understanding of OS functionality

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, Windows OS, and SOHO networks

  • Understanding of networking and IT security

  • Knowledge of computer safety best practices

Education Requirements and Training For PC Technicians

PC technicians are not typically required to have a 4-year college degree. A high school diploma or GED is sufficient, although a 2-year associate’s degree or a training program can help applicants stand out from other potential job candidates. PC technician training programs can be earned online or in person. Online training tends to be more affordable.

The goal of PC technician training is to help hopeful IT professionals gain the technical and social skills they need to thrive in this career. You can also train to take a number of IT certifications that will help spruce up your resume and set you apart from the competition. On average, certified PC technicians are likelier to have better jobs and enjoy higher salaries.

How To Enroll In PC Technician Training

As stated above, there are many PC technician training programs, both online and in-person. Some of the best affordable online programs can be found through MedCerts. MedCerts can help you determine if a career as a PC tech is right for you and help you gain the knowledge and certification you need to thrive in that field.

Enrolling starts by taking a short career readiness quiz. This will assess your current skills and what you’ll need before you’re ready for a career as a PC technician. From there, you can fill out the simple online student application. You’ll be connected to an expert Education Consultant who can help you determine if the program is right for you and the best payment plan. The training programs offer flexible learning that can be done at the pace of your busy life.

Even if you feel like you’re constantly in a hurry, you still have time to gain PC technician training to change your career. MedCerts has affordable courses, flexible learning, and a vast network of other students, as well as employers. If you’re passionate about becoming a PC technician, MedCerts can help you achieve that dream at your own pace.

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Published on July 28, 2022


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