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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

If you qualify for Army Credentialing Assistance (CA), you can get up to $4,000 in funding to earn a credential or license to improve your chances for a promotion, strengthen your skills or prepare you for a post-military career.

‌As a top 10 Military Friendly School, MedCerts is proud to offer numerous Army CA-approved programs.

1. PC Technician‌

The PC Technician program is ideal for Army Credentialing recipients who already have some hands-on tech experience. This 12-week program will teach you how to:

  • ‌Build and maintain personal computers

  • ‌Install and configure Windows operating systems

  • ‌Diagnose problems and perform repairs

‌You’ll also learn the Microsoft Office skills necessary for work in today’s PC-based environment. When you finish your final course, you can apply for the A+ certification from CompTIA.

‌2. IT Network Technician

‌The IT Network Technician program is also popular with service members who have previously worked with tech. This option focuses on network skills including design, infrastructure management and troubleshooting.

‌Students in this 12-week program learn to work with wired and wireless networks and their common components. It's geared toward the CompTIA Network+ certification, which follows after the A+ credential.

‌3. IT Security Specialist

‌ If you’ve done IT administration during your service, the IT Security Specialist program might be for you. You’ll learn how to:

  • ‌Evaluate and respond to security risks

  • ‌Implement and maintain security protocol on networks, systems and applications

  • ‌Effectively respond to breaches

‌Completing the 12-week program qualifies you to apply for the CompTIA Security+ certification.

‌4. Cybersecurity Analyst

For Army CA recipients with prior tech security experience, the Cybersecurity Analyst program offers the next step. This five-week program delves into the latest practices in cyberattack prevention and response.

‌Students who finish can apply for CompTIA CySA+ certification.

‌5. IT Fundamentals

If you don’t have any prior experience in the information technology industry, a Fundamentals of IT program is a great starting point. It teaches the basics of IT including setting up, configuring, maintaining, troubleshooting and performing preventative maintenance of the hardware and software components of a basic personal computer workstation and basic wireless devices.

‌This program prepares you for the ITF+ certification from CompTIA.

‌6. Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant program prepares you to support doctors and nurses in various healthcare settings. You’ll learn what it takes to work directly with patients and behind the scenes in medical offices.

‌When you finish, you’ll qualify to take the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) examination.

‌7. Patient Care Technician

‌The Patient Care Technician program teaches you to work directly with patients in a healthcare setting. Five courses, presented over 23 weeks, cover a broad range of clinical skills including how to assist with basic procedures and medical testing.

‌The program prepares you to become a Certified Patient Care Technician.

‌‌8. Project Management

‌If you’d rather not limit yourself to a single field yet, the Project Management Essentials program might be your next step. It prepares you to lead projects in any industry, teaching skills like prioritization, objective setting and customer relationships.

‌This nine-week program sets you up for the Certified Associate in Project Management credential, offered by the Project Management Institute.

‌Getting Started

‌Whether you want to work in IT, healthcare or another setting entirely, MedCerts has programs for you. Talk to a representative today to find out which Army CA-approved program could be your next step.

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Published on June 9, 2021