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Many people start their careers with a job in the hospitality industry. It could be as a waiter at a restaurant, a front desk attendant at a hotel or a barista at a coffee shop.

For people who only have hospitality experience, it may feel difficult to break into a new industry. However, these entry-level jobs teach skills that are highly applicable to the healthcare field. With a bit of additional training, a job in a medical facility isn't far off.

From the Hospitality Industry to the Medical Field

Jobs in the hospitality sector focus on excellent customer service. Employees learn to communicate positively with customers, even during stressful situations. In a medical context, the same skill set is important for reassuring patients and assisting medical staff. Other hospitality traits that transfer well include speed, efficiency, calmness under pressure, and cleanliness.

While some medical facilities may hire workers who have hospitality experience alone, candidates familiar with medical terminology and best practices will have a definite advantage. That’s where a healthcare certification can come in handy.

MedCerts’ Top 4 Training Courses for Unemployed People with a Hospitality Background

MedCerts offers several courses designed to help people become employment-ready in growing fields. Here's our list of the top recommended unemployment training courses for people with a hospitality background.

1. Certified Patient Care Technician

Becoming a certified Patient Care Technician (PCT) is a great option for people who want to work directly with people. PCTs with a hospitality background can put their customer service skills to the test by educating patients and their families, providing basic care such as feeding and bathing or even performing EKGs.

2. Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist

For people seeking a more quiet office environment, the Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist course may be the way to go. In addition to sharpening customer service skills, this course prepares students to assist with administrative responsibilities such as medical coding and managing insurance claims.

3. Physical Therapy Aide and Administration Specialist

The Physical Therapy Aide and Administration course is perfect for former hospitality workers who loved getting to know longtime customers. Physical therapy helps people recover from ongoing illness or injury, so these workers get to know patients well. They also help with sanitization and cleaning, which comes naturally to people who’ve worked in the hospitality industry.


People with a hospitality background can bring many applicable customer service skills when transitioning to a career in the medical field. Former hospitality workers can learn important terminology and skills specific to healthcare environments by earning a certification. If you or someone you know is interested in pursuing a career in the fast-growing field of medicine, consider taking an online career training program from MedCerts.

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Published on November 29, 2021


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