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Information Technology (IT) is a growing career field, one where even your first job can offer an impressive salary. This field also shows no signs of going anywhere since double-digit growth is projected over the next decade. In fact, our projections show that there will be 7.3 million IT jobs available over the next 10 years.

Since this is such a promising career track, today we wanted to discuss the top CompTIA Security+ salary ranges and jobs. First, let’s discuss what the CompTIA Security+ certification is, and what it means.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Job Details

When you receive a CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) Security+ job, you’ll learn the skills you need to carry out your duties as a certified IT Network Security professional (Security+). This includes creating and installing secure networks, setting up controls and security for user accounts, and supporting security on networks.

You’ll also understand the basic concepts of cryptography such as cryptographic functions, algorithms, and encryption. Additionally, those with this certification should be able to understand the nature of cyber-attacks and network vulnerability. A CompTIA Security+ certified IT professional is qualified to work with various industries to minimize the overall impact of network security.

Specifically, you’ll be able to:

  • Assess security risks and identify potential threats to hardware, software, and physical location
  • Conduct risk mitigation for systems, hardware, and peripherals
  • Implement best practices and procedures for host and OS hardening
  • Utilize best models for authentication, identity management, and access control
  • Implement disaster recovery procedures and security contingency plans

Once you’ve obtained a Security+ certification, you’re recognized by the computer industry as a Network Security professional, which means you have a strong knowledge of security fundamentals, networks, and organizational security.

The Top CompTIA Security+ Salary Ranges and Jobs

There are a variety of job possibilities once you’ve received your CompTIA+ Security certification. Here are just a handful to consider:

  • Technology Specialist: In this role, you’ll provide services related to software, hardware, databases, web resources, network, and enterprise systems. Technology Specialists usually work on a specific network, database, or systems admin within a company or organization.

Salary Range: $37,000–$79,000

  • Helpdesk Technician and Analyst: A Helpdesk Technician and Analyst provides technical assistance and support for incoming questions and issues, which includes helping callers install, configure, and use their organization’s computer systems, software, and hardware.

Salary Range: $31,000–$62,000

  • Technical Support: If you’re interested in monitoring and maintaining the computer systems of network organizations, then a Technical Support position is probably a perfect fit. You’ll install and configure computer systems and diagnose hardware and software failures to help users solve technical problems.

Salary Range: $26,000-54,000

  • Security Architect: At the higher end (salary-wise) of attainable IT jobs, as a Security Architect you’ll secure enterprise information by determining security requirements, planning, implementation, and testing security systems. You’ll also play a critical role in preparing security standards, policies, and procedures.

Salary Range: $91,000–$157,000

  • Security Consultant/Specialist: As a Security Consultant or Specialist, you’ll play a critical IT role. You’ll ensure that all the data about your company or organization and its clients are safeguarded against unauthorized or illegal use or implementation.

Salary Ranges: $44,000–$102,000/$40,000–$89,000

  • Information Assurance Technician: Information Assurance Technicians design firewalls, monitor the use of data files, regulate access to safeguard information and protect the network, stay up-to-date on current virus reports, protect networks from these viruses, and more.

Salary Range: $30,000–$79,000

  • IT Security Administrator: If you took a job as an IT Security Administrator, you’d be designing, configuring, deploying, and maintaining enterprise security infrastructure. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to ensure compliance with security policies, guidelines, best practices, and strategies.

Salary Range: $32,000–$92,000

  • Systems Administration: On a day-to-day basis, System Administrators organize, install, and support a company’s computer systems, which can include local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network segments, intranets, and more.

Salary Range: $51,000–$99,000

  • IT Systems Administrator: In the IT Systems Administrator position, you’d be installing, upgrading, and monitoring software and hardware, as well as maintaining operating systems, business applications, security tools, web servers, troubleshooting, email, PCs, local and wide-area networking, both hardware and software, and mid-range server hardware.

Salary Range: $51,000–$99,000

  • Application Systems Administrator: Similar to an IT Systems Administrator, an Application Systems Administrator installs, upgrades, and monitors software and hardware, along with maintaining operating systems, business applications, security tools, web servers, troubleshooting, email, PCs, local and wide-area networking, both hardware and software, and mid-range server hardware.

Salary Range: $32,000–$73,000

  • IT Manager: Another position with substantial salary potential, IT Managers are responsible for planning, coordinating and overseeing any computer-related projects and tasks within their organization. They also can help define the IT goals and targets of that organization, and then attain those goals through the projects they implement.

Salary Range: $51,000–$130,000

  • Security Engineer: Security Engineers play an important role in an organization. They stand on the front line of protecting the company’s assets from threats. They work hand-in-hand with IT infrastructure, conduct penetration tests, monitor networks, and systems for security breaches, and conduct periodic network scans to find any network vulnerabilities.

Salary Range: $57,000–$130,000

Get Certified for a CompTIA Security+ Job

As you can see, once you have your CompTIA Security+ certification, there are a variety of potential jobs to choose from. While many of these jobs have a respectable starting salary, they also serve as a stepping stone to other higher-paying jobs within the IT industry. Of course, to have a CompTIA Security+ salary, you need the certification first.

Looking to receive your CompTIA Security+ certification? Learn more about Medcerts’ IT Security Specialist program today.

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Published on November 21, 2019