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The tech industry is overwhelmingly male and white. If you're talking to a software engineer, there's over a 95% chance they're not Black. If you know someone who works at Google in any role, there's only a 4.4% chance they're Black.

Considering the massive and increasing role technology plays in society, with the pivot to digital-first, the rise of remote work, and the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), diversity in tech is vital for companies that want to stay relevant, connect with their customers, and build products that are meaningful and valuable to society.

When Black representation in tech is increased, the benefits to the collective workforce include:

  • Faster problem solving

  • More perspectives

  • Increased creativity

  • More innovation

  • Increased returns

How Case Managers Can Increase Black Representation in Tech

As a case manager, you play a vital role in increasing Black representation in tech. The need for information technology (IT) talent cuts across all industries and fields. Regardless of what field your clients are interested in, tech opportunities exist. Here are some ways you can intentionally work towards providing better tech opportunities for your Black clients:

Identify obstacles

Simply pretending there are no barriers won't help your clients. A positive attitude can be great, but the reality is that your Black clients who go into technology will face an uphill battle. It's better to prepare them ahead of time. Listen to your clients, let them tell you about their issues and brainstorm ways to overcome them. Matching them up with a mentor who's been where they are can be a huge help. Black people often feel lonely and isolated in tech careers because they're frequently the only Black person in the room.

Build client confidence

It can be hard to walk a road when you don't have many examples of people like you leading the way. Encourage open and honest conversations with your clients about their fears. Help them develop a plan so they can have confidence that they belong at the table and have a valuable perspective to contribute.

Work with training partners who value diversity

Working with an unemployment training partner like MedCerts, that supports diversity and Black representation in its programs, policies, and student support services will make your job easier. At MedCerts, your Black clients won't be alone, and they'll have institutionalized support services where they can see themselves thriving and excelling in tech.

Track progress

It's hard to improve if you aren't measuring. Be deliberate about keeping track of your clients' progress and the programs with the best tech career placement results. Building up a database of successes will help you know exactly how to guide your future clients.

Next Steps in Increasing Black Representation

At MedCerts, we work with American Job Centers to provide effective, short-term training in various tech fields. We're intentional about providing economic opportunities to traditionally underrepresented groups. We know that Black students have much to contribute to tech, and we're dedicated to helping them succeed with our personalized learning programs and career coaching. Reach out today to find out how we can help you help your clients.

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Published on August 29, 2022


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