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Anyone who’s had a job interview is familiar with this classic old question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Many job seekers don’t realize why it’s so frequently asked. Employers want to know whether a candidate has a growth or a fixed mindset.

As a case manager, you can teach your clients how unemployment training can be an essential step in preparing them to answer this question and land the job.

A growth mindset is the opposite of a fixed mindset. People with fixed mindsets believe that people are born with talent, skills, and smarts, and not much can be done about it. Conversely, those who foster a growth mindset believe that intelligence and aptitude in specific tasks can be developed over time. Through personal development, it’s possible to find success on paths that at first seemed impossible to walk.

Unemployment training is key to transitioning from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. The more open your clients are to learning new skills and concepts, the easier it will be for them to grow both professionally and personally. As they embrace the idea of becoming lifelong learners, they come to see that the only thing stopping their success is their imagination.

Here are some reasons you can offer to explain how unemployment training fosters a growth mindset:

It’s Goal Setting

They can’t reach a goal if they never set one. A growth mindset involves having a little bit of faith in themselves. Encourage your clients to create long-term goals (that five-year plan, perhaps), and then help them break down the process into smaller, achievable chunks to help them achieve it.

For example, maybe a client has a goal of making $40,000 a year. That may seem pretty big to them. You can help them determine what career path would excite them and find unemployment training that can position them to apply for jobs with that starting salary. Showing them a way toward a goal can make growth less painful.

They’ll Overcome New Challenges

Of course, growing can indeed be challenging. Some may say that it is impossible to grow without overcoming difficulties in one way or another. Your client may struggle to find time to attend classes while juggling childcare. You can show them that online schools allow more flexibility to complete the necessary work. MedCerts is an online school that understands the busy lives of their adult students.

Let your clients know that it’s OK to struggle. Learning involves some failure and hardships. But many will succeed if they keep at it and foster a growth mindset.

They’ll Be Surrounded by Motivation

Finally, it’s always easier to foster a growth mindset when clients are surrounded by others rooting for them. MedCerts training programs also offer a community of students, advisors and career coaches who believe in the same goals and are there for support at every moment. Learn more about how MedCerts can help your clients build a growth mindset and accomplish their goals.

Portrait of Sandy Mead
Written by Sandy Mead
National Director of Workforce Development

Sandy Mead has over 22 years of experience in the workforce development space and helps MedCerts create career opportunities and build relationships with workforce offices.

As the National Director of Workforce Development, Sandy partners with workforce offices across the country to assist in the WIOA requirements of providing skills gained and national credentials to increase successful career pathways. She has been instrumental in increasing performance data outcomes and helping participants achieve credentials to enhance employment.

Published on July 12, 2022


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