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For IT security, one of the best entry-level certifications you can acquire is a CompTIA Security+. Though there are other security certifications available (such as Cisco certifications), CompTIA certifications have the advantage of being widely accepted throughout many industries. As an example, military and federal jobs generally require CompTIA certifications over other types of certifications.

Getting a position in IT security is more difficult than many other types of specialization, but the position is also more highly paid than others. Certifications play a very important role in the security specialization, as they show that you are aware of the current security requirements throughout the industry. Security regulations and technology is constantly changing, and many other IT professionals may not be up to date.

With MedCerts you can train for this certification by completing our online IT Security Specialist program in as little as 12 weeks. You can also combine or "stack" certifications if you are really ambitious and serious about building a profitable career in IT. By earning both Network+ and Security+ certifications, you would be putting yourself in a position for increased job opportunities and earning potential, while at the same time, saving hundreds of dollars on multiple certifications by taking them as part of a dual-certification IT training program.

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Published on April 1, 2020